Merino Unleashes a Wave of Innovation and Elegance at FOAID 2023

Merino Unleashes

Merino, a key player in high-pressure decorative laminates in India, left a lasting impression at the much-anticipated FOAID 2023 in Delhi recently. Merino’s booth wasn’t just a display; it was a journey into the future of design, filled with innovation and sophistication.

The spotlight was on Merino FABWood, India’s First Health-Friendly Super Strong (HFSS) Chipboard, a marvel crafted from pure eucalyptus wood. Using 3D chip bonding technology and Industry 4.0 German tech, it guarantees top-notch quality, unmatched strength, and sustainability. FABWood, with low VOC emissions and a smooth surface, is a blend of creativity, well-being, and eco-friendliness, capturing everyone’s attention.

Merino Imagino, the digital laminate, took center stage, turning imagination into reality. In this era of advanced technology, these laminates offer a creative way to enhance your space with stylish designs. Thanks to digital printing, you get complete artistic freedom, along with durability and easy maintenance. It’s not just decor; it’s a sustainable upgrade for your home.

Merino showcased some impressive stuff at the event! They had this beautiful Luxury Vinyl Flooring (LVT) that’s super durable—great for homes and businesses. It can handle lots of traffic and moisture, plus it’s easy to maintain and resistant to bacteria and fungi. They also featured Luvih, a neat matte surface that doesn’t show fingerprints! But that’s not all! Merino Armour, known for being tough exterior wall cladding, and Hanex, with surfaces that offer endless design possibilities, showed off how versatile Merino is for modern Indian interiors. Bringing eco-friendly luxury into play, Merino Ecoclick caught attention with its low VOC luxury vinyl flooring solutions. Meister surfaces, featuring premium panels enhanced with a PU+ acrylic coating, also made a statement. This varied display highlighted how Merino plays a crucial role in shaping the look of modern Indian interiors.

In a special role as the sponsor for ARCHITECTURE IDEAS, Merino went beyond supporting a design competition; it played a part in fostering emerging architects. Over an exciting period, young firms took part in a spirited contest, showcasing their innovative ideas and designs. The competition ended, celebrating the participants’ creative excellence and the industry’s dedication to nurturing emerging talent.

Reflecting on FOAID 2023, Mr. Manoj Lohia, Director of Merino Industries Ltd., shared his excitement, “The Merino booth wasn’t just about products; it was a source of inspiration for revered architects and designers. Sponsoring ARCHITECTURE IDEAS propelled the innovative works of young architects into the spotlight. The positive response reaffirms Merino’s unwavering commitment to constant innovation, playing a pivotal role in propelling the industry forward.”

The two-day event was more than just displaying innovative products; it was a captivating journey. Attendees didn’t just observe spaces; they actively immersed themselves, guided by knowledgeable experts. This hands-on experience ignited curiosity, sparked interest, and could have turned them into future design enthusiasts. The event served as a dynamic platform for Merino to engage with the emerging generation of architects and designers, providing a firsthand glimpse into their passion and dedication to shaping the future of design. It wasn’t merely an expo; it was a thrilling exploration of design realms together!

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