Meet These Women Entrepreneurs Successfully Spearheading Homegrown Beauty Brands

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Vidushi Vijayvergiya, founder ISAK Fragrances

Vidushi Vijayvergiya

Vidushi Vijayvergiya launched Isak Fragrances in 2018 as an extension of her 160 year old family owned perfumery. Vidhushi’s unconscious exploration in the fragrance industry set her on a voyage to Switzerland and France to research and study more about the customisation of perfumes, this made her understand the real potential of Indian perfumery. In 2017, she joined her family’s craft of perfumery while taking it a step further. She then advanced with ISAK in 2018, a perfumery house of exceptional and enticing scents. Vidhushi Vijayverga’s dream was to bring back the sophistication of royals and imperial status connected to perfumes in India. Driven by a clear vision to consolidate ISAK into an everyday luxury brand, Vidushi’s plans include bridging the gaps in the Indian Perfume industry and talk more about our roots, heritage and the charm in Indian perfumery.

“I was often told that you can only take off one thing, either business or family. I am proud to say that the two can be taken care of together. In Fact, my kids are not only proud of me but are more independent, supportive and believe that family roles & responsibilities are not divided based on gender but are shared based on love & understanding.” adds Vidushi

Harshita Rai, Founder The Skin Diet Company

Harshita Rai

In 2018, Harshita Rai moved to New York for her masters. As glamorous as it sounds, the stress of managing everything took a toll on Harshita and this is when she realized that she needed to bring about some positive changes in her lifestyle. In her search she discovered the concept of ‘mindful eating’ and good foods to fuel the body from within. This was Harshita’s gateway into the world of ‘Superfoods’. Starting with Matcha, as superfoods became a part of her routine, she started to see the benefits of their high nutritional density and anti-oxidizing qualities. Harshita was convinced that whatever is good to put ‘in’ the body, is definitely good to put ‘on’ it. This led to the insight of formulating skincare products that utilize the complete potential of superfoods and birthed ‘The Skin Diet Company, in 2022.

“I embarked on a journey full of question marks with just an idea in my head, when I began hiring one thing my team banked on was the belief & passion I had towards my brand concept & an attitude to do best in whatever we do, with time I had answers in unbelievable ways by just trusting my path. I believe in today’s day & age there are a lot of opportunities for women. You just have to be vocal about your dreams no matter how unrealistic it might sound.” says Harshita

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