Medimix Saves the day again with Moment Marketing Magic

In a heartwarming collaboration between Medimix and the power of moment marketing, a viral video posted by Instagram creator Mangal, with 1,500 followers, captured the essence of innocence and laughter, garnering attention from thousands worldwide.

Mangal’s reel, shared in early January featured a charming prank he played on his niece. He offered her what seemed like a tasty chocolate bar, only to reveal it was actually a Medimix soap. Her adorable reaction, a mix of surprise and realization, became an internet sensation.

The video received 195,274 likes, 2,181 comments, and 287,000 shares, catching Medimix’s attention. This sparked a heartwarming series of events that spread joy and smiles.
Watch the video here:

Medimix and Schbang seized the moment by engaging with Mangal’s reel, playfully offering to send chocolates to his niece. This gesture showcased their humor and commitment to spreading joy. They then reached out to Mangal directly to collaborate on a reaction video, which he eagerly accepted.

Medimix Saves

True to their word, Medimix swiftly dispatched a hamper filled with delectable chocolates and thoughtful goodies to Mangal’s niece. On receiving the hamper, Mangal took to social media (again) to share his gratitude with the team and his viewers!

Medimix Saves the day again

In response, Team Medimix expressed their happiness in contributing to such a heartwarming moment. Their comment, “Aapke video ne lakhon ka din banaya, hope humare gift ne aapka din bana diya”, reflects their dedication to spreading happiness.

Anshul Khandelwal, Sr. Group Brand Solutions Manager, Schbang expressed, “These are the ‘moments’ we (literally) we live for. What’s better than ensuring that we can be enablers of spreading smiles through the magic of social media. Kudos to the teams for making this happen, right in time.”

Medimix continues to embrace moments of joy, reminding us that sometimes, the most delightful surprises come from unexpected places.

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