Mattress Brand “Kozynap” secures funding round led by Singapore based Institutional Investor

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Mattress Brand

Kolkata, 20th November 2023: Kolkata-based start-up “KOZYNAP” has raised an un-disclosed amount in its “seed round”. Round was led by Singapore-based Institutional Investor- BeyondSeed Venture Solutions Pte. Ltd (“BeyondSeed”). Other investors in the round include founding members of India-based unicorns and soonicorns, and a marquee Investment Banker from Dubai.

KOZYNAP specializes in manufacturing mattresses which are customized as per individual’s needs on the basis of an individual’s orthopaedic concerns, age and body composition,thusensuring optimum support and comfort levels for the end users.

Speaking about this investment, Kuldeep Mirani, Co-Founder, CEO Beyond Seed said “We have invested in KOZYNAP, because we see a huge need-gap being addressed by the company with its unique consultation-based approach for mattress purchase, which is best suited for an individual. We have not come across any player in the mattress industry, which provides such customised solutions. Another reason for backing this venture is the strong founding team with diversified experience and skill-sets, a necessity for a company to go into higher orbits”

KOZYNAP mattress brand is an outcome of rich experience of three seasoned professionals – Rajesh Singhal, Chinmoy Mallick and Sandeep Sanyal. The idea of KOZYNAP brand firmed in a series of brainstorming sessions during lockdown. KOZYNAP offers a unique process which gives the “convenience &cost benefit of online purchase” combined with touch-feel experience of offline purchase, making the whole process and experience of buying a right mattress very convenient and pleasant.

“Capital raised in this round will be used to increase KOZYNAP’s presence in metros and Tier 1 cities, new product development, enhancing IT infrastructure and Brand building. Our endeavour is to offer premium Mattress at a substantially lower price by implementing lean management and increasing cost efficiency in production, inventory management, supply chainand logistics and pass on the benefit to end customer” said Co-founder Chinmoy Mallick, an IIT-IIM (L) alumni having 20 years’ experience in Investment Banking and Strategic Planning.

Giving insights about the industry trend, Kuldeep Mirani, further added that “Mattress industry is at inflexion point in India and is shifting towards organised sector and the demand for quality and innovative products is on the rise. With increasing awareness about health and the relevance of sleepand sleep products for good health, people are now looking for quality mattress and are opento investa few thousands more for a good mattress.

“Mattress as a product is as personal for an individual as an eyewear. Every individual spends about 8-9 hours on their mattress, practically one-third of the life is spent on mattress, but still very few people have awareness and exposure of what type of mattress to buy. There are more than 20 different types of materials from which the layering of mattress can be done, each having different utility and physical property. Our team understands the requirement of the customers and advise the optimum layering best suited for them. We offer customisation options for mattress layering, shape, size, thickness, firmness level, style and fabric design, all while staying within customer’s budget” said Co-founder Rajesh Singhal, having 25 years of experience in Branding, Marketing and Channel Management. Speaking about the future strategy, he said “Product innovation and product enhancement is a key focus area for KOZYNAP. Customers love our Orthopaedic mattress and Natural Latex Mattress. These are the fastest selling product ranges of KOZYNAP. We will increase our presence in Modern Retail and in Exports segment too.”

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