Mahindra Logistics recognises the real ‘Drivers’ of India’s Economy; unveils ‘Desh Chaalak’ – A book honouring drivers

Bangalore,24th June 2023: Shri Nitin Gadkari, Hon. Minister of Road Transport and Highways, Govt. of India and Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL), one of India’s largest integrated logistics solutions providers unveiled a stirring book titled ‘Desh Chaalak’. The book serves as a tribute to the unsung hero community – the drivers of India. Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (MLL) reaffirms its unwavering commitment to empower drivers while recognizing their invaluable contribution to India’s economy. MLL’s holistic approach focuses on initiatives under skill development, wellness, family welfare, and emergency support embodying company’s steadfast commitment.

Speaking at the book launch, Hon. Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India, Shri Nitin Gadkari, expressed his admiration for the drivers of India and the vital role they play in the country’s economic progress. He stated, “As we gather today to launch the book ‘Desh Chaalak,’ I commend Mahindra Logistics for taking this initiative to honour these silent warriors of India. These tireless drivers are the true backbone of our nation, steering the country towards growth. With world-class roads and accompanying infrastructure, we are attempting to make the lives of these drivers better. ‘Desh Chaalak’ is a step in the right direction to make more people aware of the contributions made by the driver community for India”.

Mr. Rampraveen Swaminathan, Managing Director & CEO, Mahindra Logistics, said, “At Mahindra Logistics, we firmly believe that our drivers are not just the backbone of our operations but also the driving force behind the entire logistics industry. In recognition of their remarkable contribution, the book ‘Desh Chaalak’ serves as a heartfelt tribute to our drivers highlighting their resilience that keeps the wheels of the industry turning. The book stands as a symbol of our deep admiration and gratitude and aims to bring greater recognition to the drivers’ tireless efforts, ensuring that their indispensable contributions are acknowledged and valued by all”.

He further added “As India aims to become a $5 trillion economy by 2024-25, connectivity and superior infrastructure along with skilled workforce will become more critical. India faces a pressing challenge with only 450 skilled drivers per 1000 trucks by FY23-24. The very essence of our economy rests heavily on the efficient machinery of logistics and transportation systems. At Mahindra Logistics, we harbor an unwavering belief that drivers constitute critical spoke of India’s vibrant logistics and transportation industry; deserving our utmost respect. Steadfastly maneuvering vehicles through arduous work and societal conditions, these unsung heroes ceaselessly toil to propel the wheels of India’s economy. As pioneers within this industry, we conscientiously recognize the pivotal role we play in bridging this gap and offering continuous support to the driver community. By empowering our drivers with the supportive ecosystem, we aim to lead the way in nurturing and uplifting this essential workforce”.

Mahindra Logistics is committed to empowering communities and fostering inclusive development. By prioritizing the well-being of the driver-partners, the company has uplifted livelihoods, enhanced skills, improved infrastructure, and raised awareness about hygiene and safety, making a significant impact.

To prioritize safety and security, Mahindra Logistics initiated a specialized training program under the Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMVKY). Over 20,000+ drivers are trained nationwide, fostering awareness and empowerment.

One notable program is Samantar, a comprehensive driver welfare program that enhances working conditions and supports the driver community. MLL conducts activities including health check-ups, safety awareness, insurance schemes, celebrating Driver’s Day across different cities, and the provision of scholarships for Drivers’ children. Over the past decade, around 235,000 drivers have benefited from this program. In addition, Mahindra Logistics disbursed INR 11 MN through the Sankalp scholarship program, supporting the education of drivers’ children.

Amid the Covid-19 lockdown, the HOPE (Helping Our People in Emergencies) initiative was launched in 2020, providing financial assistance to over 5,000 driver families.

Mahindra Logistics also upholds a strong commitment to fostering Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within its workforce. An outstanding testament to this commitment is Manju, our driver-partner from the LGBTQ community, who has dedicated the past 15 years to operating trucks with a resolute focus on safety, and maintaining an impeccable record.

Mahindra Logistics has wholeheartedly exemplified its dedication to empowering the driver community and ensuring they receive the respect they truly deserve. Its transformative initiatives have been instrumental in uplifting drivers and recognizing their invaluable contributions.

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