Mahindra Blues Festival 2024 Makes History with an All-Women Line-Up

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Mahindra Blues

 13th December 2023: The Mahindra Blues Festival (MBF), renowned for its soulful celebration of blues in the heart of Mumbai, is set to return to the iconic Mehboob Studios in Bandra on 10th & 11th February 2024. In a groundbreaking move for its 12th edition, the festival will showcase an all-women line-up, a first in its illustrious history, symbolising a powerful and empowering narrative in the blues legacy.

This year, the Mahindra Blues Festival (MBF) transcends traditional boundaries, spotlighting women’s pivotal yet often undervalued contributions in the realm of blues. Rooted in a rich tapestry of social, political, and deeply personal narratives, the blues genre owes much of its evolution to the pioneering women who brought it to theatres, cabarets, and the burgeoning recording industry. Ma Rainey (aka, “The Mother of Blues”), Bessie Smith, Big Mama Thornton and many more like them whose music helped shape the blues into what it is today.

The 2024 edition of MBF is not just a line-up of performances; it’s a tribute to these trailblazing women’s enduring legacy and spirit. By showcasing a roster exclusively composed of female artists from diverse corners of the world, the festival becomes a vibrant celebration of their resilience and artistry. It’s more than a nod to the past; it’s a dynamic journey through the rhythms of empowerment and the melodies that have long been the lifeblood of blues music. As the twilight envelopes the city, get ready to witness a spectacle where the most enchanting female blues artists will take the stage. From the soulful virtuosos to the ground-breaking newcomers, our line-up promises an unforgettable experience that transcends beyond music, narrating the profound stories of these incredible women.

This festival line-up is a veritable feast of musical talent, showcasing a diverse range of blues artists. Each performer brings a unique style and energy, creating a vibrant atmosphere,

VanessaCollier, known for her soulful vocals and electrifying saxophone performances, masterfully blends funk, soul, and blues. Her stage presence is dynamic, often engaging the audience with her musical prowess and charismatic personality.

Vivacious and exuberant, Sheryl Youngblood is a force to behold on and offstage. She’s a Chicago Blues Hall-Of-Famer and Gospel Grammy Group Award Winner. She embraces the audience with the warmth of a lifetime of singing Gospel, R&B and the Blues.

Beth Hart, A Grammy-nominated artist, Hart’s raw and expressive vocal power is a central feature of her performances. Her ability to convey deep emotions through her music often leaves audiences captivated and deeply moved.

Dana Fuchs, known for her raspy, bluesy voice, Fuchs adds a contemporary edge to traditional blues. Her performances are often marked by a passionate and energetic delivery, appealing to a wide range of blues enthusiasts.

Samantha Fish is celebrated for her unbridled energy, visceral rhythms, and spine-tingling vocals. Her ability to blend traditional blues with a modern sensibility makes her performances both refreshing and deeply rooted in the genre’s heritage.

Tipriti Kharbangar, hailing from Shillong, brings vibrant energy and a unique cultural perspective to the festival. Her music often reflects the rich musical heritage of their region, adding an exciting dimension to the blues genre. Also featuring Kanchan Daniel as a special guest, Kanchan promises to add an unforgettable element to the festival. Known for her powerful vocal ability and dynamic stage presence, she’s likely to deliver a performance that resonates with the audience.

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable weekend of musical transcendence; grab your tickets to join us in celebrating the queens of blues. Let’s come together to honour the legacy and future of women in blues, a genre that continues to resonate with passion, soul, and authenticity. The Mahindra Blues Festival is not just a musical event but a movement, a celebration of life, and a tribute to the powerful women who have given voice to the blues through their artistry and passion. It’s a celebration of harmony, unity, and the undying spirit of blues, now more vibrant and vivacious, thanks to the magnificent women who grace its realm.

The Mahindra Blues Festival is ready to etch a new chapter in its glorious history, celebrating the women in blues, and we can’t wait to welcome you to this historic event.

Experience the magic, embrace the legacy, and celebrate the women who embody the spirit of blues at the Mahindra Blues Festival. We hope to see you there, immersing yourself in a world where blues and womanhood resonate in a harmonious symphony of soulful narratives and powerful performances. Let’s celebrate women in blues, together!

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Jay Shah, Vice President – Cultural Outreach, Mahindra Group, shares his excitement, “The Mahindra Blues has been a cornerstone of our cultural initiatives that seek to spark meaningful conversations across diverse communities through art and music, evolving into a dynamic platform that brings together individuals sharing a love for the blues. This year’s all-female line-up is not just a celebration of the genre but a bold statement in the ongoing story of blues. It’s a testament to our commitment to inclusivity and artistic excellence. The iconic line-up not only amplifies the voices of talented women but, by doing so, brings a different facet of the blues, thereby keeping the enduring spirit of the genre alive and thriving. At Mahindra, we strive to Rise for a more equal world!.”

The Mahindra Blues Festival is promoted and produced by Hyperlink Brand Solutions, and co-sponsored by Gaana, Mahindra Logistics, Mahindra Lifespaces, Mahindra Susten, Mahindra Accelo, Club Mahindra, Tube Investments of India, Glenlivet Glassware, and Carlsberg Smooth Soda. As the festival embarks on this significant edition with Car&Bike as its automobile partner, it not only amplifies the voices of talented women in blues but also reshapes the genre’s narrative, championing inclusivity and redefining blues on both the Indian and international stages.

Additionally, continuing its 11-year tradition of discovering and nurturing new talent, the MBF’s digitally run Mahindra Blues Band Hunt is once again set to spotlight emerging Indian blues artists, offering them a platform to shine alongside these legendary women of blues. The Garden Stage will also see the “Blues In Schools” Initiative featuring the students from the Kanakia Beatz Crew and the Nanhi Kali Choir ensemble.

Step into this blues odyssey and be part of a historic celebration at the 12th edition of the Mahindra Blues Festival. Tickets are now live. Visit BookMyShow to be part of this unparalleled musical journey.

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