MAGGI Empowers the Next Wave of Home Cooks with MAGGI Apna Food Business

MAGGI Empowers

Bengaluru, 24th November 2023: MAGGI is excited to introduce the latest edition of its unique initiative, ‘MAGGI Apna Food Business.’ This edition signifies a new chapter as MAGGI prepares to support budding home cooks across the country. MAGGI aims to empower aspiring content creators with the skills and knowledge they need to become successful culinary content creators. The winners will also have the opportunity to win INR 5 lakhs in seed capital to kickstart their own online food channel.

MAGGI has been a trusted companion over the last four decades in India, igniting the culinary curiosity of budding chefs. With the MAGGI portfolio, millions of homemakers and foodpreneurs are delighting people with extraordinary dishes each day. In line with the commitment towards fostering culinary talent and innovation, MAGGI Apna Food Business is offering individuals the perfect platform to embark on their journey as food content creators. Further to this, every registrant also gets a thoughtfully crafted starter kit. This kit comprises all the essential tools and guidance required to foray into the realm of food content creation.

Commenting on this initiative Rajat Jain, Director, Foods business, Nestlé India said, “Over the years MAGGI has evolved into a symbol of empowerment, innovation, and a celebration of the culinary arts. ‘MAGGI Apna Food Business’ is another testament of our unwavering commitment towards celebrating the chefs and being their ally. We would like to thank our partners: India Food Network and some of the most prominent food influencers in India, Kabita Singh (KabitasKitchen), Madhura Bachal (MadhurasRecipe), Teja Paruchuri (Vismai Foods), and Tanhisikha Mukherjee (Tanhir Paakshala), who have joined hands with us in this endeavour.

In our country, numerous individuals who possess remarkable culinary skills, aspire to venture into content creation. However, they require the essential direction, expertise, and resources to initiate their own online food channel. MAGGI Apna Food Business is designed to provide them with the initial support they need to turn their dreams into reality.”

Registration for ‘MAGGI Apna Food Business’ is now open, inviting all aspiring food content creators to seize this remarkable opportunity and be part of something that’s not just bigger and bolder but better in every way. To ensure the ease of accessibility for all, a missed call to 9289722997 is all it takes to register for MAGGI Apna Food Business initiative. The participants can even choose the language in which they would like to register and receive content in English, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and Telugu. Like its debut edition, this edition also aims at being a step-by-step guide for culinary enthusiasts to explore their passions, create mouth-watering content, and connect with audiences across the nation.

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