Learning Spiral: Personality Development Class

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Being the best in everything we do is our motto!
The one characteristic of an individual which never fails to make an impression is their personality. What drives us to work hard to the habits one has symbolizes a person’s personality. The interests one possesses in the skills one portrays can be improved to gain a much more desirable character.

At Learning Spiral, we bring forward many opportunities for our employees so that they excel in both work and personal life. A part of that initiative is the Personality Development classes being held every weekend. Bringing out an impressive collaboration with the Jha Institute of Personality Development, we are holding classes for our employees. These PD Classes take place every weekend for a 2-hour duration. By joining either online or offline classes our employees learn how to develop an immaculate personality.

For employees working from home, we have arranged specialized online classes. Jha Institute Trainers excelling in this category will dictate pointers for a better personality. These pointers will help in achieving a desirable first impression. Thus standing out in the crowd will be easier for our staff in the form of their honed personalities. With improved skills, we are bound to bring the best results for all our clients.

Attending the Personality Development classes will be beneficial in many sectors. Depression, work stress, and negative thoughts can be reduced promptly. All one needs to do is peek inside their personality defaults and manifest a better way of living for a bright future. Improving with experts and being the best version is the main motto for this initiative. Contributing a pair of hours weekly is guiding our staff to improve in work life.

With raised confidence, they can start their week with high spirits. A good personality contributes to maintaining a work-life balance. It also helps the individuals to differentiate emotions and perceptions of outcomes suitable for
various events. Thus, our employees are more able to produce the right results for all tasks in considerably less time.
Our personality is the reflection of the ethics we have and the values we admire.

To help excel in the stages of life, these PD classes are going to pave the way to the right path.

Working for the benefit of our employees & clients is what we excel in! What Manish Mohta, Director of Learning Spiral, Says For This Initiative: With Personality Development classes our staff is learning the most effective way
of improving themselves. The values and methods of posture and behaviours described in these sessions have produced astounding results. The joint efforts of Jha Institute and Learning Spiral will contribute to reaching future goals in less time. This is a significant initiative for all our employees to boost their skills in their respective fields and we are very grateful for the refined collaboration.

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