KARAM GROUP unveils the new Karam Safety Fan Net at the 13th National Conference & Expo – SHECON 2023

12th April 2023, New Delhi: Karam Group, a global leading PPE and Fall Protection brand, exclusively premiered its new product – Safety Fan Net at the 13th National Conference & Expo SHECON 2023.

Making Safety paramount, the Safety Fan Net by Karam is an ideal fall protection solution. It is equipped to protect the public, property and site workers working in elevated platforms from falling objects and fall hazards. As an Indian multinational with over two decades of experience in manufacturing safety gear, Karam safety has always ensured innovation, quality and safety when manufacturing or designing PPE and this latest launch is another step to take safety to a whole new level in India.

Mr Hemant Sapra,

“The Safety Fan Net will provide 360-degree fall protection for workers in industrial and construction worksites. With this new development of the Safety Fan Net, KARAM is focusing on providing simple, affordable and effective safety solutions for workers. This will not only allow them to work and feel safe at the site but also ensure that safety is a priority at these sites”, shared Mr Hemant Sapra, President Sales & Marketing at KARAM Group.

Industrial and construction working conditions are often dangerous and need special measures in place to ensure workers safety. This is where the Safety fan Net steps in. Designed to protect construction workers from falling off from unguarded edges during working at height, it is a system of heavy-duty nets that are placed underneath the work area to catch any falling objects or workers from height.

Perfect for fall prevention measures on high-rise buildings especially where space is a constraint, the Safety Fan Net also provides protection for the public from getting injured by any falling tools, debris etc that may fall down from the construction site.

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