Kaamnaa actor Mohsin Ali Khan OPENS UP about transition from acting to writing, challenges and more

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Mohsin Ali Khan

01 May 2023  Mohsin  Khan is a multi-talented artist who has been making waves in the entertainment industry with his acting and writing skills. He has garnered a huge following through his impressive performances in popular TV shows Meri Sai and Kaamnaa on Sony TV and Rudrakaal on Disney+Hotstar. But what many might not know is that he’s also an accomplished writer. Mohsin’s audio series on Pocket FM ‘SHIVAM: The Hidden Warrior,’ is a shining example of his impressive writing skills.

In his latest revelation, Mohsin spoke about his transition from acting to writing and what inspired him to take this creative leap. “I have been drawn to writing as a means to expand my creative expression and explore newer avenues of creativity. It has given me a level of control and independence to work around my creativity. It has allowed me to shape my imagination, giving me the freedom to express it in unique and personal ways. Moreover, writing is a fulfilling and rewarding creative pursuit in its own right, allowing me to hone my skills and develop my own distinct voice and style. Presently, I am writing for 2 shows, one of them being SHIVAM: The Hidden Warrior, which has received a stupendous response clocking over 10 million plays in a short span of time. It is crossing 500 episodes soon,” Mohsin shared.

He also shared the challenges he faced along the way and how he overcame them. “As an actor-turned-writer, I have faced several challenges in my writing career. One of the most significant hurdles was letting go of my preconceived notions about what makes a good story. As an actor, I had a strong sense of what worked on screen or stage, but writing required a different skill set and a willingness to adapt and learn. Another challenge was finding my own voice and style as a writer. It was daunting to put my work out there, especially since I was primarily known as an actor. I had to learn to let go of my ego, seek feedback from other writers, read widely, and take writing courses to develop my craft,” he expressed.

However, Mohsin Ali Khan did not let the challenges deter him and he persevered to make a name for himself. He shared, “I embraced the unique perspective that being an actor brought to my writing. I had a deep understanding of character and how to create a compelling performance, which translated well into writing. By building on my strengths and embracing my weaknesses, I managed to develop a unique voice and style as a writer.”

Mohsin’s journey from acting to writing is a fascinating one, and his insights are sure to be of interest to anyone who wants to pursue a career in the arts.

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