JTR Astrological Research Institute Launches App ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers’: Bridging Traditional Astrology with Modern Technology”

New Delhi, 9th December 2023 — JTR Astrological Research Institute, led by Mr. Umang Taneja, the pioneer of Nadi Astrology has expanded his influence in the realm of future prediction with the launch of a ground-breaking astrology application “Predict For Me-Astrologers,” available on all web browsers, is a comprehensive tool for professional astrologers. The app seamlessly merges traditional astrological wisdom with modern technology, presenting a comprehensive solution for both professional astrologers and enthusiasts. ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers’ serves as an invaluable tool for astrologers practising predictive astrology or pursuing the study.

The app offers features like Numerological Calculation Chart, Vedic cards integration, Lagna Chart insights, Niryana Bhav Chalit for planetary positions, dynamic Dasha analysis, Life Events Combinations, Transit of Planets, Automated Transit Event Search, Time Tool for precise calculations, Horary Kundl for horary astrology, Longitude of Houses and Planets, Nakshatra and Sub Lord identification, and compatibility analysis through Horoscope Matching and traditional Gun Milan.

Astrology in India offers invaluable benefits by providing individuals with practical insights into their lives. Acting as a guiding compass, it aids in decision-making, fosters personal growth, and enhances self-awareness. Rooted in ancient wisdom, it brings a sense of solace during challenges and instils hope. This tradition, deeply ingrained in Indian society, empowers individuals by offering unique perspectives on relationships, career choices, and life paths, contributing to a more enriched and fulfilled life.

“Through ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers,’ we envisioned a transformative blend of traditional astrological insights and modern technology. This application is a testament to our commitment to making astrology more accessible and precise for both professionals and enthusiasts. As we continue to evolve the platform, our goal is to empower users with a comprehensive tool that demystifies the intricate world of predictions, offering logical and simplified approaches. Together with my father Umang Taneja and our dedicated team, we strive to redefine the landscape of astrology, providing users with an enriching and insightful experience.” – Varun Taneja, Creator of ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers’

Mr. Umang Taneja, known for his logical and scientific approach in predicting the future, enhances the precision of his predictions in ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers.’ Beyond conventional astrology, he incorporates Numerology and Palmistry. Recent data from YouTube underscores Mr. Taneja’s popularity, with his channel amassing an impressive 5.2 million views since January 1, 2023, affirming his ascent over the past decade.

“As a practitioner of astrology for nearly three decades, ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers’ is a culmination of my life’s work in bringing clarity and precision to the realm of predictions. We’ve blended traditional astrological methodologies with the latest technology to create a platform that empowers both seasoned astrologers and enthusiasts alike. With a commitment to logical and scientific approaches, this application reflects our dedication to making astrology accessible, understandable, and transformative. The journey continues, and we look forward to guiding users through the intricate tapestry of their destinies.” – Umang Taneja, Co-creator of ‘Predict For Me-Astrologers’ and Founder of JTR Astrological Research Institute.

The application is poised for continuous improvement with upcoming features such as Vastu integration, Divisional Charts, and Lal Kitab techniques for advanced analysis. As of now, “Predict For Me-Astrologers” stands at version 0.1.4, poised to redefine astrology through its user-friendly interface and a comprehensive array of features. Umang Taneja, who has been practising astrology for almost 30 years, and his dedicated team of students stand as torchbearers, providing logical and simplified approaches to finding answers and solutions in the intricate world of predictions.

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