Jaypore, ABFRL’s leading artisanal brand unveils ‘Mausiqi’ – a handcrafted collection inspired by the iconic art deco monuments of Mumbai

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Hyderabad, Mumbai, 25th July 2023: Jaypore, the leading artisanal lifestyle brand from Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Ltd (ABFRL), proudly presents its handcrafted dinnerware collection ‘Mausiqi’. Inspired by Mumbai’s architectural marvels such as the `Royal Opera House’, this extraordinary ensemble beautifully captures the essence of the global Art Deco movement that swept through the roaring twenties. With an unwavering focus on sophisticated design, Jaypore’s Mausiqi dinnerware collection continues to enthrall consumers who are connoisseurs of art.

Mausiqi is a celebration of yesteryear’s opulence and grandeur, personified by the likes of the Royal Opera House and other architectural gems spotted across Mumbai’s landscape. Each piece is a true testament to unparalleled craftsmanship. Every motif is meticulously traced by hand, ensuring authenticity and an unmatched level of detail. These signature designs are then transferred to porcelain creations through methodical decal work. The final touch of glitz is added by leafing and highlighting each piece with 24-karat gold by the artisans.

The motif story of Mausiqi presents an enchanting fusion of Art Deco geometrics, gracefully elevated with subtle fluid nuances reminiscent of petals, dots, and curves. While the borders adorning the plates, bowls, mugs, and more exhibit classic Art Deco geometrics inspired by ornate window railings, architectural facades, and Terrazzo tiles, the central motifs depict the same with fluidity.

Within the Mausiqi Collection, a diverse range of culinary essentials awaits, including dinner plates, serving bowls, pasta bowls, platters, mugs, and more. Each meticulously crafted piece pays homage to the seamless fusion of Indian design sensibilities with a global art movement.

Prices for the Mausiqi Collection range from Rs. 790 to Rs. 3,390, ensuring that those who curate their dining experience with these treasures can revel in the magnificence of glitz, glamour, and gold.

The Mausiqi Collection is available for purchase at Jaypore’s premium stores nationwide and through their website, inviting connoisseurs to step into the mesmerizing world of timeless beauty and unparalleled craftsmanship.

Rashmi Shukla, Business Head, Jaypore said, “We are thrilled to unveil the ‘Mausiqi’ Collection, a symphony of elegance and artistry inspired by the art deco movement. This extraordinary collection makes for a memorable gift perfect for the upcoming festive season as well as can be a treasured addition to one’s bridal trousseau. Mausiqi lets connoisseurs curate their dining experience with a touch of opulence and grace. We invite you to embrace the grandeur of this collection, where Indian heritage meets global design nuances, to elevate your everyday dining experiences.”

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