Java Capital and Capital A Announce Climathon’23

Bangalore, 29th June 2023: Java Capital and Capital-A are set to organize the inaugural edition of Climathon’23, the world’s first 24-hour Pitchathon exclusively designed for Indian climate-tech startups. This first-of-its-kind initiative offers an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs building the climate tech space to pitch their early-stage startups for up to $1 million in investments. The Pitchathon is aimed at driving climate awareness, fostering innovation, and providing significant investment opportunities for startups in the climate space. The event will take place on the 5th and 6th July 2023 in Bangalore.

With just about $1 billion being invested in climate-tech (primarily by NGOs, government, early-stage VCs, and other ESG entities), India has so far been way below the minimum investments’ threshold in the green-tech startups. On a positive note, this also implies that India offers a massive untapped potential in the climate-tech sector, and alongside its global counterparts.

Recognizing the immense potential in the sector, Java Capital and Capital A have made substantial investments in their respective companies, including The ePlane Company, Sudo Foods, Okulo Aerospace, Matchlog, Tan90, Bambrew, Chargeup, Oorja, and Entuple E-Mobility. These investments showcase their commitment to making a difference in the green-tech ecosystem and supporting innovative solutions to combat environmental challenges.

Adding further, Vinod Shankar, Partner, Java Capital, said, “Through Climathon’23, we are breaking down the barriers between two worlds: the urgent reality of climate change and the realm of startup innovation,” said Vinod Shankar, Partner of Java Capital. “It’s no longer a separate agenda; it’s about one earth and one shared mission. We invite entrepreneurs and startups passionate about creating an impact on climate change to join us in this transformative journey.”

Adding further, Ankit Kedia, Founder & Lead Investor, Capital A, said, “Although 24 hours may not suffice to address the highly significant challenge of climate technology, it undoubtedly represents our climate endeavor to bring together entrepreneurs who share a common vision in this field and provide early support to nurture their entrepreneurial spirit. We believe that new-age entrepreneurs possess remarkable ideas and an unwavering determination to contribute to these purpose-led investment opportunities!

The Pitchathon is specifically designed for climate tech entrepreneurs especially those who are building around Energy Transition, Advanced/ Alternate Materials, Circular Economy/ Waste Management, Climate Finance, ESG/ SDG, Agriculture/ Food Systems, Green Buildings/ Construction, Carbon Capture & Storage, Mobility, and Transport.

During the event, Java Capital and Capital A will listen to sustainability-focused pitches for a continuous 24-hour period in person at Bengaluru. The event aims to provide a unique environment for collaboration, learning, and investment.

The startup pitches will be evaluated based on criteria such as innovation, market potential, scalability, and environmental impact. The winning startup(s) will not only secure substantial funding but also gain exposure to a global network of investors, mentors, and industry leaders. They will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and forge strategic partnerships that can drive their ventures to new heights.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur seeking to make a difference in the fight against environmental challenges or an existing startup looking for guidance and funding opportunities, Climathon’23 is the platform for you. Join the movement to shape a sustainable future by visiting [website link] for more information about Climathon’23 and how to participate.

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