Jana Small Finance Bank Marks its 5th Anniversary with Attractive Fixed Deposit Rates for Customers

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Bangalore, 6th March 2023 – Jana Small Finance Bank, one of the leading small finance banks in India, is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year on March 28, 2023. Over the past five years, the bank has been dedicated to serving underserved segments of society by providing them with a broad range of financial services. In celebration of this milestone, Jana Small Finance Bank has announced special fixed deposit rates for a limited period until March 31, 2023.

Under the new fixed deposit rates, customers can benefit from a special anniversary FD rate of 8.85% for senior citizen customers and 8.15% for regular customers, with a tenure of 500 days.

Fixed Deposit Rate Table effective from 1st March’2023:

Retail Fixed Deposit Rates (effective 1st March’23 to 31st March’23)
Period Regular FD Interest Rate (p.a.) Senior Citizen FD Interest Rate (p.a.)
7-14 Days 3.75% 4.45%
15-60 Days 4.25% 4.95%
61-90 Days 5.25% 5.95%
91-180 Days 5.50% 6.20%
181-364 Days 7.00% 7.70%
1 year (365 Days)- 499 Days 7.25% 7.95%
501 Days-2 years 7.25% 7.95%
>2 Years -3 Years 8.10% 8.80%
> 3 Year – < 5 Years 7.35% 8.05%
5 Years [1825 Days] 7.25% 7.95%
> 5 Years – 10 Years 6.00% 6.70%
500 Days (Jana 5th year Anniversary) 8.15% 8.85%


The special fixed deposit rates offer is available to both new and existing customers of Jana Small Finance Bank, and customers can easily book or invest in FDs from the comfort of their homes or offices through internet banking.

Jana Small Finance Bank continues to serve the underserved in all segments and supports the potential of Rural India through digitization across the customer life-cycle. The bank remains committed to serving its customers with excellent service and innovative financial solutions.

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