iThink Logistics Introduces of Dark Mode on its website

iThink Logistics

Mumbai, 14th June 2023: iThink Logistics, an end-to-end multiple courier aggregator shipping platform for D2C Brands which services to 26,000+ pin codes in India announced the release of its new dashboard feature, ‘Dark Mode’ which offers users the option to switch between a white background and a dark background interface. The update has been rolled out by the company on the platform and it’s live for all the customers and other visitors on the platform.

This new update not only keeps up with the latest trend but also aims to enhance users’ lives and well-being. One of the key benefits of this update is improved readability. By switching to dark mode, users can reduce the amount of light emitted, alleviate eye strain, and reduce screen glare, which can be distracting, allowing them to stay focused on their tasks. This will particularly benefit users who spend extended periods of time using the iThink dashboard. The dark mode further offers additional health benefits which include a reduction in the occurrence of headaches and minimize the impact of blue light on the skin. By reducing blue light emission, dark mode aligns with the natural cues our bodies rely on for sleep, ultimately improving the overall quality of sleep for users. Studies have consistently shown that sleeping in a dark environment promotes better sleep patterns.

The colors and visual elements pop out, which makes it easier for the users to distinguish between different elements on the screen. This enhances the contrast look and provides a better user experience. Research conducted by PhoneBuff among iPhone users showed that those who used dark mode were able to play a video for 20 hours, compared to just 15 hours on light mode. This highlights the potential benefits of dark mode in terms of extending device usage without discomfort.

Company is thrilled to provide its users with the option to choose dark mode, as it offers a more visually comfortable experience, reduces eye strain, potentially extends device usage, and even contributes to better sleep quality. iThink Logistics believes that this update will ‘greatly enhance our users’ experience and overall well-being.

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