­IRTH from the House of Titan launches a new digital campaign showcasing their New Canvas Bags that are LIGHT. EASY. WHITE

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29th August 2023, Mumbai: IRTH from the House of Titan, a thoughtfully designed women’s handbag brand, introduces its new digital campaign showcasing the versatility of canvas bags. These bags are light to carry, easy to use, The rich cotton Canvas is of the finest artistry. It’s chic, it’s sophisticated, it’s lightweight, making sure it moves with you.

With this campaign, IRTH announces its foray into canvas bags, the juxtaposition of the smooth, supple leather against the crisp white canvas creates a harmonious union of textures.


The new Canvas Edit is made for all the light-hearted moments of women’s journeys, the moments when women let go and choose ease and lightness amidst their everyday routines. This idea is beautifully captured by the campaign thought for the collection which is LIGHT. EASY. WHITE, denoting these Canvas Bags are made for all their breezy moments.

Conceptualised by Kondurkar Studio, the film showcases how these canvas bags marry casual with refined aesthetics unlocking a fresh look, bringing panache & much-needed ease. The film breezes through light-hearted moments that make their hearts smile.

“Every woman’s journey is unique and truly theirs to define. IRTH canvas bags are perfect for days when women want to express their unique selves. The campaign is an extension of the same thought, expressing moments that are easy, breezy and light. The new IRTH Canvas Bags film beautifully represents those carefree moments while you carry all your joyful things in the light white bag.” says Kanwalpreet Walia, CMO of Titan Company Limited.

“The campaign mirrors the canvas itself! “Light, easy, white” not merely showcases products, but truthfully captures the spirit of the material itself. Rooted in brand thought, “Yours to define”, this campaign is simply another taste of freedom felt on a breezy day, where natural light illuminates the bags’ texture & nuances, bringing out their timeless elegance as they get carried away with their best friends – the women”, says Amrish Kondurkar, founder of Kondurkar Studio

The brand-new collection is tailor-made to exude light-heartedness for worry-free sojourns. IRTH has let pragmatism lead the way with style. There are slings to swing with the wind, backpacks to embark on joyful journeys & totes to carry your favorite things. Designed with multiple compartments and pockets, these bags offer ample storage space to keep your essentials organized and easily accessible.

An added delight is the subtle yet premium branding on these bags that varies from fine embossing on the crisp canvas fabric to classic engravings on genuine leather. The metal trims on these bags come with a reddish brass finish, adding a hint of magic to your everyday style. The reddish brass finish imparts a subtle vintage charm, evoking a sense of nostalgia for those long summer days of yesteryear.

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