Introducing Lamel: Empowering Self-Expression with Inclusive Makeup

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Introducing Lamel

Lamel, a revolutionary makeup brand founded in 2012 by Natalia Iaromenko, proudly announces its much-anticipated entry into the Indian market. After gaining immense success in Europe and gaining experience from its initial line of production, Lamel is now all set to provide inclusive makeup to the mass consumer in India.

Guided by a shared version of empowering self-expression, Lamel was born to make unique and creative makeup accessible to everyone.

The brand’s primary aim is to ensure that every individual can keep up with contemporary fashion while feeling confident in their own skin. Lamel firmly believes in the power of self-expression and strives to provide the freedom for everyone to follow pop-culture trends if they wish to do so. By doing this, Lamel aspires to inspire people to achieve more by being true to themselves.

Lamel takes pride in its commitment to being a cruelty-free brand and has received approval from PETA, underscoring its dedication to ethical and sustainable practices. Each product in Lamel’s comprehensive lineup is developed with the utmost care and compassion for animals.

Kanvar Group introduces Lamel to India, launching on Aug 11, 2023, across popular e-commerce platforms like HOK Makeup, Nykaa, Amazon and Myntra, enabling self-expression through makeup; Lamel is poised to disrupt and establish its beauty market presence under Kanvar Group’s nurturing wing through expansion plans in the future.

With its unique offerings and commitment to empowering individuals, Lamel promises to redefine the beauty landscape in India. Discover the world of Lamel and experience the joy of self-expression through makeup.

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