Interim Union Budget Highlights: Emphasis on Healthcare Reforms and Preventive Care Initiatives

Dr. Azad Moopen

Dr. Azad Moopen, Founder, Chairman and MD – Aster DM Healthcare

“It is heartening to see that the Interim Union Budget focuses on the upliftment of the masses through a specific focus on the poor, farmers, youth, and women. The allocation of Rs. 1-lakh crore with 50-year interest-free loans will encourage the start-up culture that India is now thriving upon, encouraging the youth of today to become entrepreneurs and focus on their growth as well growth of the nation.

In healthcare we were hoping to see an increase in the GDP allocation of a minimum 5% for the sector, hopefully, this will be addressed in the complete Budget to be announced in July this year, under the new government. We are glad that the government is considering to add more hospitals in all districts in the country, which is essential to meet the rising demand. We would recommend focusing on public-private partnerships (PPP) to address this. With all maternal and child healthcare to be brought under one- scheme, this will be essential.

It is promising to hear that the government plans to open more medical colleges alongside existing hospital infrastructure. There is now an urgent need for comprehensive reform of medical education, to ensure that the medical professionals of tomorrow are trained in the latest medicine and techniques, like their Western counterparts.

The strong impetus on immunization of children under Mission Indradhanush and young girls for cervical cancer will go a long way in strengthening preventive care measures in the country and reduce the burden from communicable and non-communicable diseases.”

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