Industry Commentary on International Women in Engineering

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Industry Commentary on International Women in Engineering“Women are increasingly making their mark as innovators, leaders, and changemakers in the tech sector. According to the National Science Foundation, women representation in leadership positions has been gradually increasing, now holding approximately 29% of STEM-related jobs. This upward trajectory signals a broader cultural shift within the industry, where merit and talent are recognized and rewarded regardless of gender.

As a woman who has navigated the dynamic terrain of engineering for over 25 years, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges and triumphs that come with pursuing a career in this industry. Engineering is more than building structures or developing software – it is an innovative outlook to solving problems to shape a collective future. It demands creativity, analytical thinking, and perseverance – qualities that know no gender.

STEM initiatives in India are rapidly progressing for women through government policies, scholarships, and programs like the ‘Women Scientists Scheme’ and ‘KIRAN,’ which offer significant career opportunities and crucial support in science and technology. These efforts collectively aim to create an ecosystem where women can thrive in STEM careers, enhancing their skills and bolstering the innovation quotient in the engineering landscape. The focus is not just on increasing numbers but also on ensuring quality participation and leadership by women in STEM.

As industry leaders, we have a responsibility to mentor, support, and elevate women in tech, by providing targeted mentorship programs, funding opportunities for female-led projects, and platforms for networking and professional growth. With the vision of building a more inclusive workplace culture, Altimetrik accelerates women’s career growth in STEM through groundbreaking programs and policies, offering flexible work arrangements and focused development opportunities.

We must create workplaces that value work-life balance, promote equal opportunities, and actively combat bias.”

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