Indian Travel Dynamics: Sankash’s Findings Showcase Shifts in Travel Preferences

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Mumbai, 7th September 2023: Sankash, India’s leading travel fintech platform, has unveiled a captivating trend that has caught the attention of urban dwellers across the country. As the capital city, New Delhi, prepares for a scheduled closure from September 8 to 10, a remarkable surge in travel bookings has been noted by Sankash. Individuals and families are seizing the opportunity to unwind and seamlessly blend work and leisure during this short hiatus.

As the anticipation of forthcoming extended weekend grows, a magnetic pull toward domestic travel destinations becomes increasingly tangible. Among these enticing options, Puducherry emerges as a captivating choice, capturing the hearts of a significant 40% of domestic travellers with its harmonious blend of heritage and tranquillity. Alongside, the coastal charm and serene ambiance of Daman and Diu secure a notable 30% of domestic bookings. Drawing in adventure enthusiasts and wanderers, Goa beckons to 11% of travellers, promising diverse experiences that cater to various tastes.

The allure continues with the scenic landscapes of Sikkim and the serene backwaters of Kerala making their mark. These favoured destinations collectively reflect the rich tapestry of India’s travel landscape, where each region offers its own unique allure and promises unforgettable getaways during the upcoming long weekends.

With remote work becoming increasingly prevalent, people are seeking novel ways to manage their professional responsibilities while enjoying a change of scenery. Sankash’s data indicates that a growing number of individuals are capitalizing on this unique situation by relocating temporarily to alternative destinations for a refreshing three-day retreat.

“We’re witnessing an exciting trend where people are leveraging the Delhi shutdown as an opportunity to escape the routine and explore new environments without sacrificing their work commitments,” said Akash Dahiya, Co-Founder and CEO, SanKash. “This marks a notable shift in the way people perceive travel – it’s no longer just about vacations, but also about achieving work-life balance in inspiring settings.”

The traveler demographics weave an engrossing narrative of diverse voyagers. The tapestry includes Couple Travelers, orchestrating a remarkable 42% of bookings. Within this category, individuals aged 22 to 45 embrace the opportunity to embark on shared adventures, discovering new horizons hand-in-hand with their partners. Parallelly, Solo Adventurers form a substantial 30% of bookings. Represented by solo travelers aged 18 to 45, they etch their trails of exploration, epitomizing the burgeoning trend of independent, youthful discovery.

Further enriching the mosaic are the groups encompassing Family and Friends, contributing to 28% of bookings. This segment underscores the profound significance of communal voyages for Indian travelers. Together, these demographics coalesce to shape the vibrant collage of travel preferences across the country, highlighting the myriad ways individuals seek to experience and engage with India’s diverse landscapes.

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