Indian Institute of Management Kashipur successfully conducted workshop at The Gurukul Foundation School Kashipur

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|NavaahsayUnder the program HELP: Himalayan Education Learning Program a one day workshop to Train the Teachers on “Design Thinking Led Innovation at Schools” under the aegis of Ministry of Education was successfully conducted at “The Gurukul Foundation School, Kashipur” Jaitpur Campus through Navaashay- Design Innovation Centre,IIM Kashipur.

Prof. Kumkum Bharti and Prof. Smarak Smarjeet trained the teachers during the workshop. In this program, Teachers were told how they can make teaching work more interesting even by teaching in the traditional way and we must make some changes everyday in the continuous learning process. They said that there must be harmony between the teacher and the student. Students must be taken into the confidence that the Teachers are in the school only for them. Teachers should evaluate their teaching work every day and should be done in such a way that the children learn to apply the knowledge acquired from the teacher in their lives.

The best part of this workshop was that both the professors presented their point very briefly and in simple language. School administration and teachers who participated in this program were honored by giving participation certificates.

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