Indian Entrepreneur Shashwat Pioneers Medical Device Innovation in the US, Bringing His Knowledge Back to India

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Shashwat, an Indian-born entrepreneur, is leading the way for medical device innovation in the United States. After completing his education in mechanical engineering and Biodesign innovation studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Johns Hopkins, he founded PneumoNIX Medical, a startup focused on preventing complications during cancer biopsies to improve patient outcomes.

Shashwat’s inspiration for his startup came from observing a lung biopsy at Johns Hopkins Hospital where the patient suffered from a collapsed lung, leading to a prolonged hospital stay and invasive procedures. Recognizing that this was a frequent issue globally during the more than one million biopsy procedures performed annually, he realized the need for a solution to improve cancer biopsies and address this unmet clinical need.

Developing a sealant for lung biopsies was a challenging task due to the unique properties of lung tissue, including its elasticity, dynamic nature, and constant movement during respiration. Shashwat experimented with various formulations to achieve a balance between adhesion and biocompatibility while ensuring degradation over time. Finding the right balance between strength and flexibility was another significant challenge. Despite these obstacles, the PneumoNIX sealant was developed with excellent mucoadhesive, hemostasis, and biodegradation properties, showcasing Shashwat’s perseverance and scientific expertise. Its potential to enhance patient outcomes in lung biopsies and other medical procedures makes it a significant scientific breakthrough in medical device innovation, and the work was selected for a $1 million grant by the National Science Foundation in the US.

Shashwat’s ideologies about his startup are centered around patient care. He believes that for technology to be successful in the medical device industry, it has to significantly improve patient outcomes, which he uses as his North Star when making decisions.

After the commercialization of PneumoNIX Medical’s sealant, Shashwat plans to bring his knowledge back to India and contribute to the growth of medical device innovation in his home country. “I am proud to have been able to make an impact in the United States, and I am excited to bring back what I have learned to help the medical industry in India,” said Shashwat.

Shashwat is an Indian entrepreneur who is making strides in the US and is passionate about contributing to medical device innovation globally, as well as bringing his knowledge back to India.

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