India falls in love with Mangoes this summer; orders Mangoes worth INR 25 crore on Zepto

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India falls in love with Mangoes this summer

Mumbai,19th May 2023 Mangoes have always been a summer staple in India, but this year, the country’s love affair with the fruit is taking on a new dimension. As consumers increasingly turn to online platforms for their grocery needs, mangoes are emerging as a popular item on Q-commerce apps. Leading 10-Min grocery delivery service Zepto has seen a massive uptake among mango lovers this year with over INR 25 crore worth of the fruit being sold in just the month of April. And the demand continues to be ripe in May as well.

As per Zepto’s data, here are some insights on how consumers are increasingly showing their affinity towards mangoes this season:

Sales reaching new heights

Temperatures are soaring and so are Indians’ cravings for mangoes – as many as INR 60 lakh worth of Mangoes were sold on a single day
Raw mangoes are an Indian kitchen staple, especially in summer. Be it making a big batch of achaar (pickle) to last throughout the year or Kairi Panna (Raw Mango juice) to beat the heat, the sour fruit has seen increasing demand on Zepto with a total of INR 25 lakh worth of raw mangoes sold so far

Different varieties catering to diverse taste buds:

Alphonso mangoes from Ratnagiri have the most admirers in the markets of Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi
Dominant in the Western markets, Alphonso mangoes were the most sold variant with a 30% share of total Mango sales on Zepto. Bainganpalli, which is produced in Andhra Pradesh, was sold widely in the southern cities with 25% of sales, while Kesar was the third most in-demand category of Mangoes at 15%
Fresh mango juice is a refreshing beverage everyone loves to consume in summer. Bainganpalli, the most common variety used to make mango juice, has also been in high demand on Zepto

Zepto sold most varieties of Mango online locally sourced from various parts of India from over 1,000 farmers

Top sources for each variety of mangoes are: Ratnagiri and Devgad for Alphonsoes; Jalna & Junagarh for Kesar mangoes Anantapur, Chittor, Kolhapur for the Badami variety Pallakad for Lalbagh, Krishnagiri, Ramnagar for Totapuri); Malihabad, Sahrangpur, Sitapur, Meerut for Dasheri; Banaras, Balrampur for Chausa and Barasaat for Malda
Zepto fulfills its commitment to quality by offering only carbide-free, naturally ripened mangoes. Each variety is accompanied by a certification on the app to ensure transparency

Srinibas Swain, Senior Vice President and Business Head for Zepto’s Fresh Category said, “Fresh fruits and vegetables is one of the fastest-growing and critical categories on Zepto, covering over 50% of shopper baskets. The soaring sales of mangoes and other seasonal fruits and veggies throughout the year are a testament to the immense levels of trust we’ve been able to build in one of the most sensitive grocery categories in India. We are proud to build one of India’s richest and most sustainable FnV supply-chain in partnership with our farmer community.”

With a dedicated section on the app, customers can choose from a wide variety of mangoes – from the fragrant and sweet Alphonso to the tangy Totapuri.

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