“I believe this story will resonate with those who aspire to make a difference”, Samir Kochhar on Hustlers: Jugaad Ka Khel

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Mumbai,1st February 2024 –Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service, recently released its entrepreneurial drama, Hustlers- Jugaad Ka Khel. With an impressive rating of 8.3 on IMDB, the compelling narrative captures Sanjay’s journey as he hustles through life’s challenges with determination and resilience and achieves success. In his journey, he meets Mihir Jain, a significant start-up investor, a revered business figure, and a venture capitalist who is known to bet on the ‘winning horse’. His interest in Sanjay’s start-up idea, followed by finance, sets off a chain of events that would lead to the launch of Sanjay’s start-up. Through sheer determination and hard work, Sanjay rises to the top and establishes his name in the competitive start-up industry.

Reflecting on his journey and key takeaways, Samir Kochhar, portraying the character of Mihir Jain in the show, expresses, “The crux of the narrative lies in recognizing that many people have talent but not all of them know how to grasp the opportunity. If you generate ideas that have the potential to uplift society, redefine values, and breathe life into them, seize those opportunities. I mean, the value of that idea is huge, so the initial step should be to identify them. Subsequently, transforming these ideas into a thriving business is an intriguing journey. The first thing is to identify that idea, and secondly, how to turn that idea into a full-blown business is a very interesting journey. Many people have talent, but attitude is a way to build a business. I believe this story will resonate with those who aspire to make a difference in their lives and those who strive to progress; they may not be academic achievers, but they can look at themselves and say, “Do I have any ideas, Can I bring about some change, Is there anything I can do so that not only will I earn money, but I will also bring a significant change in the society? ”

Furthermore, he added, “The story encompasses ups and downs, including how we (Mihir and Sanjay) met, how Sanjay comes up with an idea for a startup and eventually becomes overconfident. To bring him back on his path, my character declines his idea, but Sanjay doesn’t give up, and after a lot of effort, he achieves his goals. I had a fantastic time filming for this series. I believe that everyone will see their potential in this uplifting story. I think this is my main takeaway from the show.”

Hustlers – Jugaad Ka Khel, produced by Rainshine Entertainment and featuring Vishal Vashishth, Maharshi Dave, Anjali Barot, Anurag Arora and Samir Kochhar in pivotal roles, is streaming for free on Amazon miniTV, which is available on Amazon’s shopping app, Fire TV, and the Play Store.

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