Hyderabad to Host the Second Edition of India Data Observability Conference

Hyderabad, 14 June 2023: Hyderabad will host the Second India Data Observability Conference on Friday, June 16, 2023, organizer and host Unravel Data announced today. The day-long event is poised to welcome over 14 high-profile speakers who will address 200 delegates, including senior data engineers, data leaders, architects, and data operations engineers from leading technology companies based in and around Hyderabad.

Data Observability and cloud data spend management are two of the biggest ongoing trends in modern data management around the world. Hyderabad has become only the second city in India after Bangalore to host a full-day conference dedicated to these two trends. Unravel Data hosted the first-ever India DataObservability Conference in December last year.

“Choosing Hyderabad as the host city for Second India Data Observability Conference underscores our commitment to serving the interests of locally based data scientists and engineers working for many of the largest companies around the world. We are also thrilled to bring this major conference to Hyderabad in less than a year of opening our office in the city,” said Shivnath Babu, Co-founder, and CTO of Unravel Data.

The Hyderabad conference aims to impart an understanding of how to bring FinOps to the modern data stack. It will also feature discussions and insights on why Observability has become mission-critical for the modern data stack, and how AI is transforming Data Observability and FinOps to enable companies to optimize the performance and reliability of data apps and new generative AI projects, while effectively managing spending and increasing ROI.

The conference will benefit all data professionals including Data Engineers and Data Leaders who want to make apps more reliable, reduce MTTR when troubleshooting bottlenecks, speed cloud migrations while reducing risk, and govern rising cloud costs. It will open up the opportunity to network with more than 100 Data Management and data operations peers and learn about the best practices for leveraging data observability to help deliver on SLAs, keep critical apps running, and manage cloud costs even as companies increase innovation with expanded AI models.

Unravel Data is the first data observability platform built to meet the needs of modern data teams. The agenda for the event includes panel discussions and talks on managing the modern data stack and applying DataOps observability to all data and analytics use cases.

Dr. Shivnath Babu – co-founder and CTO of Unravel Data will deliver the keynote address at the event on The Proven Formula for Data Observability: DataOps + FinOps = DataFinOps! Industry experts who will be speaking on DataOps are Anuj Gupta – Chief Founder and CEO of Gradient Advisors, Snehith Allamraju, Senior Manager Data & Analytics, Envista Holdings Corp, Kalyan Prasad, Data Scientist & Analytics Manager, Creative Crewz A Panel discussion will be hosted by Giriraj Bagdi, VP Engineering Operations – Data/AI Platform of Unravel Data.

“Many of Unravel’s clients and partners around the world have data teams based in Hyderabad and this conference offers them, along with other locally based professionals, a great day of learning about the critical trends shaping the future of data management,” Babu added.

Founded by Big Data and artificial intelligence pioneers Kunal Agarwal and Dr. Shivnath Babu, Unravel Data was born from the realization that the exponential growth of data in the cloud will require artificial intelligence to optimize the data pipelines powering modern enterprises.

Numerous Fortune 100 companies, including two of the top five global pharmaceutical companies and three of the top 10 financial institutions in the world, rely on Unravel Data to gain unprecedented visibility across their data stacks, proactively troubleshoot and optimize their data workloads, and define guardrails to govern costs and improve predictability. Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Unravel Data employs more than 100 people in four offices across the US, India, and Europe.

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