House of Goldsmith: Jewellary that intense the world

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Shefali R Verma

April 17, 2023, Jewellery has been used for thousands of years as a way to express personal style and social status. In addition to being worn for personal adornment, jewellery can also be used as a symbol of religious or cultural significance, as well as a form of currency or investment. House of Goldsmith has been started in 2021 post lockdown with the motive of making people save more in the Gold industry by launching minimalist jewellery and light weighted everyday wear in 22 – 10 carats. Our forte would be working on the designs which are defining India and its culture to its Architectural designs. Representing India in a small piece of art and customizing miniature art by the best artists in the jewellery market. Shefali R Verma is the director of House Of Gold as she was born into a Goldsmith family originating from Jind (Haryana). As she was born into a goldsmith family, she has in her genes to identify gold and diamonds. She has finished her dissertation on the subject “Import & Export” Of Bullions from The University of Westminster, London. She is honoured with Gemologist Degree from GIA. She has got versatile experience in several sectors whereas her dominant forte is Jewellery as Priorly She was already excellent in the field of Gems and diamonds. Her excellency in the field of the occult is remarkable as she has been an Astrologer partially. Her intuitive sight is a god gifted. Today, jewellery is often purchased as a gift or as a way to commemorate a special occasion, such as a wedding or anniversary. It can also be used as a way to add a finishing touch to an outfit, or as a statement piece to showcase a personal style.

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