Hafele’s New Architectural Lighting Range

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Hafele’s New Architectural

18th, May 2023  Glass exudes a luxurious aura due to its transparency and elegance. Glass doors are more frequently utilised in both residential and commercial areas, and hence you need hardware that provides effortless and fluid movement, bequeaths flawless aesthetics, and delivers maintenance free operations.

Hafele brings to you its range of Floor Spring & Patch Fittings in a contemporary black matt finish that supports this trend of minimal, understated aesthetics as well as provides the right functionality.

Häfele’s Range of Patch Fittings, consisting of a wide array of types and variants, enables conception of glass assemblies that suit your idea of functionality. These fittings not only make the glass assemblies look visually striking but also technically sound. Suitable for glass door thicknesses of 10 to 12 mm, the range provides for widely differing arrangements – with corner fittings, top and bottom patch fittings and double action door fittings in double / single door designs.

The Double Cylinder Floor Spring from this range comes with a weight carrying capacity of 90 kg and can fit doors with a width of up to 1000 mm. This floor spring can be used to install both wooden and glass doors and fits discreetly inside the floor, improving resistance to interference and vandalism. Designed for simple passage and improved user experience, it has a maximum opening angle of 180°, integrated hold-open and closing and latching speed adjustment functions. The new floor spring is extremely sturdy and durable, having been tested for 500,000 cycles.

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