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Established in the year 1965 as a medical products manufacturing company, Medtech Life Pvt. Ltd. diversified in the year 1998 to manufacture electro-medical products. Medtech is the pioneer Indian manufacturer of home healthcare devices. Today they are India’s largest manufacturer of homecare electromedical devices.

With their manufacturing unit set up in Gujarat across 1.2 Lakh Sq. Ft. area, the company manufactures a wide range of products including Nebulizers, Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Thermometers, Pulse Oximeters, and Oxygen Concentrators, to name a few.

Innovation being one of their core values, the company has been renowned for pioneering and leading in the production of nebulizers in India. It also has a DSIR-approved Research and Development Division that continuously innovates and develops new products.

In 1998, Yogesh Shah (Director – Medtech Life), a Biomedical Engineer launched the needle burner and syringe destroyer, a thoughtfully designed inventive product, to save lives of para-medicals, rag- pickers, and sanitation workers, who are exposed to the threat of undisposed needles and syringes. These devices can save millions of lives that are lost due to needle-struck injuries every year.

Firm believers in the concept of swadeshi, Medtech declined a lucrative acquisition offer by another foreign giant in the year 2018 and decided to continue manufacturing in India. It is recognized as a trusted brand in India for over 20 years, especially amongst distributor channels, not only owing to the quality of products but also the post-sales services and value delivered. With a consumer-centric thought process, they also provide doorstep replacement/repair of products and offer end-to-end customer support.

During the pandemic Covid19, the company set up mobile vans with oxygen concentrators across remote areas of India like Goa, Satara, and Mumbai. These vans were fitted with battery banks to power oxygen concentrators and were used to provide free oxygen supply to the ones in need.

With a focused approach to being enablers of longevity and saving lives, Medtech is envisaging spreading awareness about the need for monitoring health periodically and manufacturing superior quality devices for personal healthcare and wellness to the larger population of the country.

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