Get Ready for a Spooky, Side-Splitting Experience with Rusk Media’s Pret Boys on Amazon miniTV

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Get Ready for a Spooky

New Delhi, 21st June 2023: Rusk Media – a full-stack Gen Z-first digital entertainment company – today announced the launch of its highly-anticipated show ‘Pret Boys, exclusively on Amazon miniTV. Premiering on 21 June, this horror-comedy series will take viewers on a thrilling, hilarious adventure as a group of youngsters runs a ghost-busting start-up only to find themselves trapped in an unending nightmare.

Speaking on the release of Pret Boys, Mayank Yadav, CEO, Rusk Media said, “As a company, we are driven by our passion for storytelling and our commitment to delivering high-quality content for young audiences. ‘Pret Boys’ is a unique story that blends laughs and scares in a way that would resonate with genZ sensibilities. We’re confident that this show will redefine entertainment for the adventurous spirits of the youth.”

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‘Pret Boys’ follows the misadventures of three Gen Z misfits: Prem (played by Ritik Ghanshani), Tatsat (played by Ahan Nirban) and Rajat (played by Shardul Pandit). The trio sets up – an unconventional start-up dedicated to capturing and busting ghosts. Prem hails from a lineage of tantric practitioners, Tatsat is a passionate paranormal research enthusiast and Rajat is the business-savvy brain behind the operation.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when they encounter Eisha (played by Aanchal Munjal) – a vulnerable yet quick-witted girl with the ability to see ghosts. As the four team up to tackle various supernatural spirits, they unwittingly cross paths with UN_KRA – a malevolent force of darkness. Eisha’s connection to this sinister realm puts her and those close to the girl in grave danger. Can the Pret Boys rescue her from this trap? A high-voltage showdown unfolds as they confront UN_KRA, resulting in a shocking twist that leaves them as real ‘Prets’ with souls separated from their bodies.

‘Pret Boys’ promises to deliver an exhilarating viewing experience that seamlessly blends thrills and shrill laughter. The series showcases the talents of Shardul Pandit, Aanchal Munjal, Ritik Ghanshani, and Ahan Nirban, who bring quintessential charm to their respective roles. With 10 gripping episodes, ‘Pret Boys will keep audiences hooked from start to finish. The show is helmed by talented director Nisheeth N Neelkanth.

Talking on the OTT debut and his character, Shardul Pandit said, “So this is my first venture in the world of OTT and I was very excited to play a comedy character because I have done very intense roles on television in the past, but this was a project which was a complete comedy. The director sat me down and explained me the character and expressed Rajat was his favorite character from the show and the lines they were writing were best suited for me and convinced me to do Rajat. Throughout the show we kept improvising on our dialogues which made it a lot of fun.”

Aanchal Munjal said “It was a wonderful experience working with people that were equally involved in making the show with great enthusiasm and the fact everyone portrayed their role correctly & beautifully. Here’s hoping the audience loves watching it as much as we loved working on it.”

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