Fun, Patriotism, and Assurance: Liberty’s Whimsical Take on Insurance this 76th Independence Day

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As India commemorates its 76th year of Independence

Mumbai,14th August 2023 As India commemorates its 76th year of Independence, Liberty General Insurance is thrilled to unveil its latest brand video, showcasing the essence of insurance with heartwarming values of unity and camaraderie.

Beyond the traditional confines of insurance narratives, LGI’s brand video seamlessly interweaves the brand’s tagline, ‘Bharose Ka Vaada’, representing a decade-long promise of trust and assurance to its customers. With this film, LGI aspires to not just spotlight the indispensable role of insurance but to amplify the deeper ethos of national unity and the vibrant spirit of being Indian.

Marrying humor and heart, this video created by White Rivers Media tells a tale of an unsuspecting car owner who, after a minor fender bender, is confronted by a stern fellow citizen adorned with a national flag. However, the situation takes a delightful turn amidst playful banter. The film resonates with the brand’s promise: the freedom to live life with fun, all while being assured of Liberty’s unwavering support.

Mr. Anurag Rampal, SVP & National Head–Central Distribution, Prime Broking & Marketing, Liberty General Insurance said, “Through this brand video, our goal extends beyond emphasizing the value of insurance. We want to underscore our country’s collective strength and resilience. This film portrays the liberty we offer our customers to lead a worry-free life, intertwined with a dash of fun and the spirit of Independence.”

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