FIL Industries’ Hands of Gold Takes the Handiwork of the ‘Kaarigars’ of Jammu & Kashmir to the World

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FIL Industries’ Hands of Gold Takes the Handiwork of the ‘Kaarigars’ of Jammu & Kashmir to the WorldJammu, June 3, 2024: Jammu and Kashmir, the land of the gifted and the creative, carries centuries worth of handmade, edibles, and art admired and craved by connoisseurs with discerning taste from around the world. These globally renowned art forms and handmade items have been perfected overtime by artisans or kaarigars who now fear to see their family heirloom get lost in time of machine-made articles and lifestyles.
Hands of Gold, an initiative by FIL Industries Private Limited seeks to steadily work to expand the kaarigar’s outreach in the world by building an exclusive supply chain for admirers who seek quality, purity and purpose in all that they purchase.
Housed at Skyview by Empyrean at Sanget, JammuJammu and Kashmir, the store unites the craftsmanship of local artists, organic products, and a blend of contemporary and traditional designs. Hands of Gold’s website also offers an extensive online shopping experience, showcasing the full range of products, ensuring customers can appreciate artistry and quality from anywhere in the world. The brand also maintains an active presence on social media platforms, regularly updating followers with the latest product releases, and stories from the local artisans. Moreover, the brand proudly exhibits its wearable line, Maizah, once a year. This annual event highlights the blend of traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics, and provides a platform for artisans to showcase the unique designs and exceptional quality of the brand’s wearable art.
Some popular products, meticulously crafted to perfection by local artisans, are:
This apparel brand specialises in ancient ‘tilla’ and ‘aari’ embroidery. Tilla embroidery is done using threads made of silver and gold and Aari embroidery, introduced in the 12th century by Persians, brings intricate patterns, flawless designs, and gorgeous colours to life. Every thread and stitch reflect the skilled artistry and expert craftsmanship of local artisans who spend days perfecting each piece.
Paper Mache
Introduced to the Kashmir Valley by the esteemed Persian mystic Mir Syed Ali Hamdani and his team of artisans, the craft of Paper Mache has been handed down through generations like a precious heirloom. The art of Paper Mache mirrors the meaning of Merak, which is to do something with such creativity and love that one leaves a part of themselves in it. This stands true for each kaarigar who dives deep into his craft at dawn, day after day, creating objects that can be decorated or used for different purposes.
Edibles by Hands of Gold
Hands of Gold doesn’t just stop at exquisite crafting products; it goes a step further by weaving the fabric of the local community into its offerings. This commitment shines through in its dedicated support for local farmers, ensuring that every jar and bottle brims with the finest ingredients. Hands of Gold partners with local beekeepers to capture organic and pure honey with health-boosting properties, adding a sweet, wholesome touch to its product line. Meanwhile, handpicked at dawn, the most fragrant roses are transformed by artisans into Gulkand, a luxurious spring rose petal preserve that Hands of Gold with therapeutic benefits. The brand also handpicks some of the finest saffron meticulously, infusing its offerings with an aromatic richness that is impossible to replicate.
By shipping authentic ‘Made in Kashmir’ products to different customers from different countries globally, Hands of Gold has elevated the quality of life for artisans and craftsmen in the region. Many families now have employment opportunities, contributing not only to the region’s economic growth but also directly benefiting the local community.

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