EV Startup e-Sprinto Joins Forces with Multiple Finance Companies to Fuel Electric 2-Wheeler Revolution in India

New Delhi, 12th May 2023: e-Sprinto, India’s fastest-growing electric two-wheeler brand has announced its latest partnership with prominent finance companies, including SHRIRAM, HDB, KOTAK, and BAJAJ FINSERV, to fuel the electric 2-wheeler revolution in India. This strategic move aims to enhance access to affordable financing options for the growing number of e-Sprinto’s customers seeking to embrace eco-friendly and efficient transportation solutions.

Looking ahead, e-Sprinto is proactively exploring new partnerships to further expand its reach and provide even more options for interested customers to finance their purchase of high-quality electric 2-wheelers. With these new partnerships, e-Sprinto customers can expect a range of special benefits, including customized financing plans, low-interest rates, flexible repayment options, and streamlined application processes. Both low-speed and high-speed electric 2-wheeler models will be covered under these financing plans, ensuring that all customers can enjoy the benefits of sustainable and cost-effective transportation.

Mr. Atul Gupta Co-Founder & Director – e-Sprinto said “At e-Sprinto, we acknowledge that the shift towards electric 2-wheelers represents more than just a mere choice, but a critical obligation to safeguard our planet. In this regard, our collaboration with reputable finance companies is an integral stride towards fulfilling this duty by enabling our customers with a seamless and economical financing experience for eco-friendly transportation. As we envisage a future wherein electric mobility reigns supreme, we take pride in being at the forefront of this transformation, inspiring a cleaner and more efficient mobility landscape in India and beyond.”

“At e-Sprinto, we are passionate about driving innovation and sustainability in the automotive industry. By joining forces with renowned finance companies and broadening our reach, we are confident that we can offer unparalleled financing solutions to our customers as well as bring our vision to life” Mr. Gupta added

e-Sprinto remains steadfast in its dedication to increasing the availability of electric 2-wheelers throughout every corner of India. Consequently, the company has opted not to restrict its financial collaborations to particular regional cities. Instead, e-Sprinto has extended its financing options to all customers nationwide, ensuring that they can take advantage of these offerings, regardless of location.

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