Entropik Launches Decode CoPilot for Augmented Consumer Research Experience

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India 18th November 2023: Entropik, a leader in human insights, today announced the launch of Decode CoPilot, a new feature in Decode, an integrated consumer research platform.

Decode leverages Behavioral AI, Emotion AI, and Generative AI to revolutionize both qualitative and quantitative research, consolidating all research services into a single, unified platform for brands. The new feature, built to further transform and enhance customers’ experience with Decode, promises to deliver seamless data analysis capabilities to its users.

Decode CoPilot boasts advanced capabilities to answer questions based on comprehensive analysis conducted on various research data available within the Decode workspace. The platform offers several valuable benefits, including instant answers, effortless natural language interaction, supercharged efficiency, tailored insights for your unique research needs, assured confidentiality to protect and secure your research data, and the ability to analyse emotion and behavior data at scale.

One of the key features of the Decode CoPilot is its user-friendly interface, which allows users to ask queries about the research data available in the workspace seamlessly. CoPilot assists users in obtaining rapid insights from historical and contemporary research data, PDFs, PPTs, transcriptions, and other sources. Users can effortlessly inquire with CoPilot using everyday language, as if engaging in a conversation with a research analyst.

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