Emerging from Darkness into Light : The Inspiring Odyssey of Rangamma with CBM India

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 Rangamma with CBM

CBM India Trust stands as a pioneering force in inclusive development, dedicated to amplifying awareness and fostering holistic engagement for people with disabilities across 25 states in India. This commitment reshapes an encompassing, physically and socially inclusive environment. The organization, a leading Indian non-profit, is dedicated to elevating the quality of life for individuals with disabilities and marginalized communities. Its inclusive development model is uniquely positioned to break the cycle of poverty and disability.

Rangamma’s story resonates as an inspiring testament to the potency of compassion, support, and empowerment in reshaping lives. From societal neglect and being branded as “mad”, her journey illustrates the significance of tailored resources and opportunities.

Years ago, Rangamma found herself abandoned and estranged due to mental health struggles. Yet, hope emerged when partner organization Gramina Abyuday Seva Samsthe (GASS) intervened, providing transformative guidance. In GASS’s women’s hostel, Rangamma received not just medical care, but vital emotional support.

Her healing path led her to train for Areca Plate Production, where her curiosity flourished. Now a confident operator and mentor at the Areca Plate Production unit in Rural Bengaluru, Rangamma’s journey reflects resilience and progress. Amid the pandemic, she became her family’s anchor. With an infectious spirit, Rangamma hums tunes at work, symbolizing her remarkable transformation. The unit, resonating with laughter, testifies to the broader success of its employees. The unit, a joint effort between GASS and CBM India Trust, symbolizes inclusivity, generating livelihoods and empowerment for those with intellectual and psychosocial challenges.

Established in 2021, the Areca Plate Production unit mirrors a commitment to accessibility and sustainability. It empowered 35 individuals, propelling a movement toward enduring change. In a compact narrative, Rangamma’s transformation signifies the organization’s impact in building inclusive futures, bolstered by compassion and collective dedication.

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