DIGISOL Redefines Wi-Fi Performance with its New Range of Wi-Fi 6 Access Points

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Mumbai, February 25, 2023: DIGISOL, a leading provider of Made in India IT Networking Products and Solutions officially announces its two most in-demand Wi-Fi 6 11ax access points for SMBs and large enterprises. Presenting, the Digisol DG-WM840AX Ceiling-mount and DG-WM640WI In-wall Access Point with controllers. The APs feature the latest in high-speed and long-range 11ax technologies and support high-performance chipsets for MU-MIMO, Wave2.0, OFDMA, and Seamless Roaming to obtain blazing speeds of up to 1.8Gbps.

Most devices, be it your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, support the latest Wi-Fi 6 or 802.11ax standard and offer speeds that can go beyond what a standard 1Gbps physical Ethernet (LAN) cable can support. Hence, it’s time to upgrade your IT infrastructure to a new wireless network that can replace your physical Ethernet connections with great ease. Replace those old dual-band AC (Wi-Fi 5) routers and access points with Digisol’s DG-WM840AX or DG-WM640WI and get your IT backbone future-proof with blazing data throughput speeds of up to 1800Mbps — instantly switch to 8K streaming and AR/VR applications over Wi-Fi.

Talking about the launch Samir Kamat, Sales Head-Active Products Digisol said “With the increasing number of smart devices and the growing demand for high-bandwidth applications, Wi-Fi 6 access points have become essential for businesses and homes alike. To fulfill the growing demands of SOHO, SMBs & SMEs, we have launched Digisol DG-WM840AX and DG-WM640WI Wi-Fi 6 access points with lightning-fast speeds of up to 1.8Gbps and high-density access environments support, which is definitely going to enhance data networking experience.”

These Digisol APs are equipped with DL/UL-OFDMA modulation that can upload or download multiple packets at the same time. It uses the 1024-QAM modulation, which is more efficient than the older 802.11ac modulation, by which the throughput of single spatial traffic is increased by a whopping 25%. Additionally, it has a narrower sub-carrier spacing and longer symbol time with improved stability and data processing efficiency which is crucial for high-density access environments such as large office spaces, malls, and alike. Each access point works on dual-band 5GHz and 2.4GHz to support a broad range of new and older devices too.

The Digisol Wi-Fi 6 APs can also group the connected devices into different TWT cycles, increase sleep time, reduce the device competing after wake-up, and save the device power. This makes Wi-Fi 6 one of the most power-efficient networks that help battery-operated devices such as laptops, tablets, and handhelds save on power which uses the network only when data is being transmitted. And lastly, it also features improved anti-interference with support for BSS color bit and dynamic CCA-SD (Clear Channel Assessment Signal Detection) threshold and power adjustment. This effectively alleviates the channel interference in multi-users scenarios, and improves the utilization of spectrum resources — a great option for areas and spaces where numerous devices are connected to the AP, especially in IoT-based environments. There’s also support for multiple SSIDs (x8), Guest SSIDs, Hidden SSIDs, VLAN, and a lot more.

Moreover, the Digisol DG-WM840AX Ceiling-mounted and DG-WM640WI In-wall Access Points are highly compatible (and recommended) with Digisol’s DG-WU2001, DG-WU2003, DG-WU2004 & DG-WU2008 Wireless Access Controllers. These are mid-sized enterprise gateways based on CAPWAP protocol with 4 x Gigabit WAN ports, and support load balancing, Ethernet backup, VLAN management, and firewall that are used for quick and easy (local and remote) GUI-based WAP control, configuration, and management.

Digisol DG-WM840AX — 11ax 1800Mbps Ceiling Wireless Access Point:

This is an 11ax Wi-Fi 6 Standard access point powered by a Qualcomm Enterprise Quad-Core IPQ6000 CPU for a highly stable performance along with 4 built-in 3dBi dual-band MIMO antennas. It features 20% increased high-speed data forwarding, improved Anti-Interference by up to 33%, decreased latency by up to 36.8%, and higher efficiency with CPU utilization at less than 20% with multiple device access. Connectivity support includes 1 x LAN and 1 x WAN/POE 1GBps port with an optional 12VDC 1.5A Power adapter socket.

Digisol DG-WM640WI — 11ax 1800Mbps In-Wall/Wall-mounted Wireless Access Point:

This access point is great for indoor use, especially in homes, offices, factories, hotels, and many such areas where both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections are required for endpoints. The WM640WI is powered with multiple Ethernet ports and support for MU-MIMO, Wave2.0, OFDMA, and Seamless Roaming. It features combined Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1800Mbps over two radios — 2.4GHz (600Mbps 11ax 2×2) + 5GHz (1200Mbps 2×2) with MU-MIMO and DL/UL-OFDMA modulation and equipped with 4 x Gigabit LAN/WAN ports.

Both the Digisol DG-WM840AX Ceiling-mounted and DG-WM640WI In-wall Access Points support 1024QAM, long OFDM symbol, 160M bandwidth, and 11ax 2×2 MIMO technology for wireless data rates of up to 1.8Gbps, to meet the demands of high-speed applications such as VR/ AR, 4K, or 8K streaming media. Up to 64 simultaneous users can connect on each band (128 total on 2.4G and 5G bands) and the AP can be easily configured, accessed, and managed via Wireless Access Controllers.


For more information about product availability visit the company’s official website www.digisol.com

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