Delhi emerged as a thriving job hub in 2023, while Kolkata demonstrated very low figures, reveals data released by WorkIndia

19th July 2023: WorkIndia, a leading tech-enabled blue-collar recruitment platform has released insightful data showcasing the remarkable surge in job opportunities and total openings across key cities in India. The data, collected for the years 2022 and 2023, underscores the robust economic growth and the fostering of a diverse workforce in India.

In the fiscal year 2022 to 2023, Delhi, emerged as a thriving job hub, offering 64% growth in jobs and an impressive 45% growth in the total openings. Bengaluru showcased a strong economic presence and witnessed a surge, with an impressive percentage of 71% in job opportunities and 90% in the entire openings. Kolkata, on the other hand, demonstrated comparatively lower figures, with a 43% growth in jobs and only an 8% growth in the total openings. Hyderabad witnessed a 63% growth in jobs and 6% growth in openings; Mumbai with 74% growth in jobs and 123% growth in total openings. Pune also witnessed a 68% job growth and 46% growth in total openings. These trends demonstrating substantial figures, reflects the overall growth in employment opportunities and the evolving needs of various sectors, contributing to the overall expansion of employment opportunities across the country.

The data from 2022 and 2023 revealed notable trends and growth percentages within specific industries. the overall job openings in the sector experienced a substantial surge of 66%. Furthermore, Telecalling witnessed a remarkable increase of 70% in job openings. The accounts sector has also experienced substantial growth, with job openings increasing by an impressive 74%. The total number of openings in the sector rose by 78%, further underscoring the sector’s robust growth. Another occupation that witnessed noteworthy growth in job openings is the role of a ward boy. With a remarkable increase of 69% in job openings, the industry demonstrates a growing demand for compassionate and dedicated professionals.

Meanwhile, the total openings in this sector increased by 29%, reflecting the sector’s overall growth and need for qualified personnel. Furthermore, the data revealed remarkable growth percentages in specific sectors like telecalling, accounting, and back office indicating stability and consistent demand.

From 2022 to 2023, professionals with 0-6 months of experience experienced an extraordinary surge in job openings, with an impressive growth of 80%. Additionally, the total openings for this experience range witnessed a commendable growth of 66%, providing a robust job market for entry-level professionals. The 1-2years experience range also witnessed substantial growth, with job openings increasing by an impressive 63%, and total openings for this experience range experienced a noteworthy growth of 54%, underlining meaningful employment connections for professionals with mid-level experience. With job openings for individuals with over 2 years of experience increasing by 30%. Moreover, the total openings for this experience range saw a commendable growth of 29%, providing valuable opportunities to experienced professionals seeking new challenges.

Commenting on the same, Nilesh Dungarwal, CEO and co-founder of WorkIndia said, “As we unveil the results of our data analysis, it becomes clear that the job market is a dynamic ecosystem, continuously evolving and presenting new opportunities. Our findings shed light on the diverse demands across various sectors and unveil notable trends and growth percentages within specific industries. This invaluable information empowers job seekers, employers, and policymakers alike, guiding them toward informed decisions in this ever-changing landscape. We are excited to share these insights and remain dedicated to fostering an environment that nurtures talent, drives innovation, and propels the growth of industries across the board.”

This data demonstrates WorkIndia’s efforts in driving economic growth, fostering employment, and empowering individuals across different cities, sectors, and experience levels. The company’s commitment to creating a diverse workforce and contributing to the overall development of the nation’s economy remains unwavering.

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