Cross Identity Announces World’s 1st Privileged Identity and Access Management (PIAM) Solution

Bengaluru,20th January 2024 Cross Identity, an industry leader in Identity and Access Management solutions, announces the launch of Privileged Identity and Access Management (PIAM), an industry-first software offering a unified platform for access management, access governance, and administration for privileged user. This redefines the paradigm for privileged user management in the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

PIAM distinguishes itself by offering a holistic approach to privileged user management, including provisioning/de-provisioning, access requests to applications, and entitlements. The software incorporates complete access governance functions, such as access certifications and Segregation of Duties (SOD) management. With a user-friendly interface, PIAM also provides a secure and cost-effective solution, consolidating control over privileged accounts and streamlining management across diverse systems. The software brings simplicity, security, and affordability to the forefront of privileged identity and access management.

Benefits of using PIAM:

  • Breaks down silos within the organization for improved collaboration
  • Automates privileged access, increasing operational efficiency
  • Converges PAM and IAM into one unified platform for simplified management
  • Provides just-in-time access to enhance security measures
  • Offers a significant advantage in cloud security

Commenting on this launch, Mr. Binod Singh, Chairman and CEO, Cross Identity, said “The definition of Privileged user has undergone a significant expansion. Initially confined to those with core IT Infrastructure access, it now encompasses individuals utilizing critical business applications and granular accesses. Despite comprising less than 20% of an organization, these users pose over 60% of associated risks. The introduction of PIAM solution will bridge this gap, revolutionizing privileged user management beyond traditional PAM’

Mr. Pramod Bhaskar, CTO and CISO, Cross Identity, added, “Our PIAM feature is a game-changer, filling the existing gaps in privileged user management and setting a new industry standard. We believe this advancement will significantly enhance the security posture of organizations, providing them with the tools they need in today’s complex cybersecurity landscape.’’

Cross Identity’s PIAM represents a major leap forward in privileged identity and access management, empowering organizations to navigate the complexities of today’s cybersecurity landscape with confidence.

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