CriticalRiver Recognized in Forrester’s Data Quality Solutions Landscape, Q4-2023 Report

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India, 10th November 2023 – CriticalRiver, a leading digital technology consulting firm, today announced that it has been recognized as a notable vendor in Forrester’s latest report, “The Data Quality Solutions Landscape, Q4 2023.”

The Forrester report highlights the increasing emphasis on data accuracy, completeness, and consistency in today’s digital age. It highlights that advanced analytics, AI/ML, cloud adoption, and digital transformation are pivotal strategic initiatives across industries. “Data, in essence, serves as the bedrock for evaluating the outcomes in all these critical priorities,” the report states.

In recognition of its commitment to ensuring data integrity and precision, CriticalRiver was named one of the front-runners for providing data quality solutions in the North American and APAC regions, with a notable focus on high-tech product manufacturing. These solutions cleanse and standardize data, enrich information, remove duplicates, correct errors, and monitor critical metrics, offering flexible deployment options, including on-premises, hosted, and private SaaS.

Acknowledging the recognition, Anji Maram, CEO of CriticalRiver, said, “In today’s complex digital landscape, data quality can make or break an organization’s strategic initiatives. At CriticalRiver, we proudly lead the charge in ensuring that data not only fuels insights but does so with an unwavering commitment to integrity and precision. The recognition by Forrester serves as a powerful testament to the enduring value we deliver to our clients every day.”

Sunil Sharma, Global Head of Data Science and Digital Engineering at CriticalRiver, highlights the significance of data cleansing and standardization in their solutions. These solutions empower organizations to enhance decision-making, operational efficiency, customer interactions, and marketing strategies. The flexibility in deployment options ensures scalability and compliance with data governance standards. Clients can expect substantial cost savings, risk mitigation, and a competitive edge in their markets. Sharma’s statement emphasizes the pivotal role of clean, standardized data in achieving cost-effective, data-driven decisions and overall business success.

Forrester defines data quality solutions as those “ensuring data accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability, and monitoring for the intended use while adhering to business policies, rules, and constraints.”

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