Creators United Collaborates with Mad Influence to Host ‘CUatLive,’ a Themed Influencers Meet, Focusing on No To Trolls, Debunking Cringe Culture, and Exploring the Impact of Social Media on Influencers’ Lives

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Creators United Collaborates

New Delhi, 6th July 2023 – Creators United, a premier publication website dedicated to bringing the creator community together through stories, interviews, meetups, and more, hosted a highly successful meetup through Instagram Live, CUatLive, in association with Mad Influence, on World Social Media Day. The event featured three insightful live sessions that explored crucial topics impacting content creators and influencers in today’s digital landscape. Under the theme of #WorldSocialMediaDay, Creators United presented #CUatLive, a series of engaging live sessions held on Instagram. The meetup aimed to empower creators by providing valuable insights and fostering meaningful discussions on important industry issues. The overall reach of the conference was more than 400k.

The first session, titled “No To Trolls,” delved into the impact of trolling on the mental health of content creators and emphasized the importance of not succumbing to their attention-seeking behavior. Esteemed industry experts Sonal Devraj, the dynamic creative artist and social media influencer behind Naach, and Prafull Billore, the visionary founder of MBA Chaiwala, shared their perspectives and experiences.

“Gathering some of the most talented content creators and industry experts, CUatLive was a celebration of the power of social media and its impact on our lives. Together, we explored important topics, challenged stereotypes, and inspired content creators to embrace their uniqueness. CUatLive marks a significant milestone in our mission to empower and uplift the influencer community.” – says, Gautam Madhavan, CEO & Founder of Mad Influence.

The second session, “Cringe Is A Myth,” challenged the notion of “cringe” content and highlighted the importance of acknowledging the diverse audience preferences of digital creators. Renowned content creator, actor, and choreographer Aadil Khan, and inspiring pilot and fitness enthusiast Prachi Goswami graced the panel with their insights and stories.

“Creators United is delighted to have collaborated with Mad Influence to organize the impactful CUatLive meetup on World Social Media Day. Our aim was to bring together influencers, industry experts, and content creators to discuss pressing issues and foster a supportive community. Through these sessions, we aimed to empower content creators, challenge stereotypes, and inspire innovation in the digital space. We are grateful to all the panelists, attendees, and our esteemed partner, Mad Influence, for making this event a resounding success.” – Says Abhilash Singh, COO, Creators United.

The third and final session, “Life Before & After Social Media,” explored how social media has transformed the lives of content creators and influencers. Tech enthusiast and content creator Jay Kapoor and the influential figure in financial education, Pranjal Kamra, engaged the audience with their expertise and personal anecdotes.

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