Cloud7 Residence AlUla: open for short and long stays!

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AlUla, February 2023: Cloud7 Residence AlUla, the lodge-style resort with 150 modern bungalows is the region’s newest lifestyle hotel/residence from where travellers and adventurers will be able to enjoy a variety of cultural events, the world’s largest outdoor museum, heritage sites, art exhibitions, sport events, concerts, and adventure sites. For remote workers and business visitors, Cloud 7 offers a stay that facilitates your independence with all conveniences required, and the team works hard to curate human connections through inviting and connecting the local vibrant community of artisans, artists, talent, adventure guides and hospitable families with Cloud 7 guests.

Cloud7 Residence AlUla
Cloud7 Residence AlUla is a unique destination offering locals and guests a community-driven and connected stay revolving around unique experiences tailored to each and every taste for adventure. The essence of the space is to create ongoing local, regional and national collaborations with artists, entrepreneurs, food-preneurs, yoga and outdoor gym instructors and any other talented, creative, passionate individuals to enhance the humanization of the Cloud7 neighbourhood.

The Community and Culture Manager in charge of the events’ programming – a native from AlUla himself – primes the activities at the property that are a combination of live local traditional Kanoon and Oud music, as well as Jazz and live DJ gigs on weekends. Additionally, the authentic local experience is enriched by a collaboration with a home-grown food and beverage concept that will serve AlUla’s most cherished cuisine – hearty breakfast with dates and flat breads, savoury shakshooka and charcoal barbecue dinners by the pool side. Serving Saudi coffee, which is considered a social phenomenon in the Kingdom, is a central part of the welcome ritual at the welcome Beduin tent. Here, the ritual involves an educational element about the traditions and rich heritage. Guest at Cloud7 can also enjoy a homecooked meal prepared in the bungalows fully-equipped kitchenette, cosy up in the spacious living-room which extends into an outdoor private terrace, surrounded by mini herb gardens, making it the ideal location for a holiday, workcation or to move in for a while.

Cloud7 Residence AlUla is quickly becoming the home for those planning to stroll through majestic rock formations, canyons and cliffs by bike or, car or buggy visiting the most picturesque sites in AlUla, home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hegra. With its proximity to Pastry Boutique and the AlUla Old Town, Cloud7 Residence offers opportunities to meet artisans, purchase locally sourced souveniers and enjoy Saudi-inspired cuisine. The property is the latest addition to AlUla’s hospitality landscape providing mid-scale accommodation to travellers and guests who are seeking to work or stay for shorter or longer periods of time. The country’s transformation to a global tourism destination is now welcoming a growing number of visitors, consultants and employees from organisations that support the growth of this space working remotely from different places in the Kingdom. These visitors have already become one of the biggest contributors to the placemaking of AlUla globally.

This new Lodge is part of Kerten Hospitality’s global footprint of 50 projects. Recently, Kerten Hospitality, a mixed-use and ESG-focused lifestyle operator, announced new Cloud7 projects in Europe and the Middle East as part of the brand’s global expansion.

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