Chocolates remain small bites of comfortable indulgence: Reveals Mondelez’s State of Snacking report

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INDIA – 07 April 2023 – After Mondelēz International’s announcement on the launch of its fourth global consumer trends study, the State of Snacking™ report examining year-on-year insights on how consumers make snacking decisions, the company today unveiled the India report. The 4th edition of the study highlights how economic challenges are impacting consumer snacking choices around the globe. On the bright side, most surveyed Indian consumers continue to prioritize snacking, despite rising costs and inflationary pressures as snacking’s become the sole way to get respite from worldly issues. Thus, 86% of Indians continued to find room in their grocery budget for snacks.

This is at the back of an evolving relationship with food wherein snacking has become a daily staple as 76% Indians claim to snack twice a day. Other key findings of the India report state:

  • Essential: Chocolate remains essential with 83% saying that chocolate is for the soul.
  • Indulgence: Consumers are seeking that indulgent snacks are part of their everyday life (77%) and that they provide moments of peace in their day (81%). As per last year’s report, 88% consumers surveyed snacking improved mental health emotionally
  • Connection: Snacking also offers routine moments of togetherness. Eight in 10 consumers (79%) snack to connect with others with nine in 10 (88%) saying, “sharing snacks with others is my love language.
  • Trust: Indian consumers also report having more faith in known brands to carry them through this time, with 85% saying, “known brands are better equipped to deliver during challenging times.
  • Mindful: Many are also tuning into portion sizes, saying they take time to portion out snacks before eating them (82%) and check nutrition labels on snacks before buying them (86%)

Nitin Saini, Vice President – Marketing, Mondelez India, added, “This year’s report rightfully captures how Indian consumer view snacking as a way to build connections or steal small moments of indulgence in their lives. While intuitive snacking on the rise, it is interesting to note that conscious consumers aren’t a monolith but are reframing indulgences to feel more permissible. Our study further indicates that today’s consumer is making judicious snacking choices that ensure individual’s well-being. As a global snacking leader, these insights validate our focus on delivering the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way as we continue to lead the future of snacking.”

Additional findings from the 2022 State of Snacking India report include:


Snackification continues to remain alive and well for Indians, despite the tumultuous economy. While 89% of Indian consumers are concerned about inflationary pressures, snacks will continue to be an essential part of their grocery budgets.

  • Additionally, 9 in 10 Indian consumers (88%) say their household sits down to enjoy a snack together at least on a weekly basis
  • 80% of the consumers say snacking helps them take their mind off the issues of the world


In the digital era, social media and other channels are acting as a catalyst for the snack exploration process. Over three-quarters of the consumers say they need more “snackspo” (or snack inspiration) in their life, especially Millennials (85%)

  • Nearly nine in 10 Indian consumers (89%) either have bought or would buy a snack in-store after seeing it online
  • Consumers crave multiple sources of inspiration and turn to digital platforms for exploring new snacks. More than three-quarters of Indian consumers would browse for snacks to buy in a virtual experience (76%),
  • 84% will go out of their way to find their favorite snack, while a similar percentage (82%) would even pay extra to bring back some of their favorite childhood snack brands.


Consumers are trying to be mindful and present while snacking, with 87% reporting they are selective about the indulgent snacks they choose and 84% reporting they take time to savor indulgent snacks.

  • Consumers are seeking that indulgent snacks are part of their everyday life (77%) and that they provide moments of peace in their day (81%). As per last year’s report, 88% consumers surveyed snacking improved mental health emotionally
  • Indian consumers are also making an effort to be mindful and present while enjoying these types of snacks, as eight in 10 (84%) are more likely to take time to savour indulgent snacks.

The global 2022 State of Snacking report, developed in partnership with consumer polling specialist, The Harris Poll tracks snacking attitudes and behaviors among thousands of consumers surveyed across 12 countries for the fourth consecutive year.

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