Celebrating Workplace Safety: How acknowledging India’s Top 25 Safest Workplaces with an award can help prevent sexual harassment at the workplace

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Celebrating Workplace Safety

Mumbai, India 9th Aug, 2023: KelpHR, a provider of HR solutions has dedicated itself to promoting safer and more inclusive workplaces since its inception in 2013. To steer organizations towards creating safe, happy and inclusive workplaces for their employees, KelpHR is pleased to announce the opening of registrations for the 4th edition of the KelpHR PoSH Awards® 2023 – Top 25 Safest Workplaces in India. The awards seek to recognize organisations that go beyond compliance to create a culture of safety. Scheduled for 7 December 2023 at Mumbai, the awards event will bring together leading organisations, industry experts, and luminaries to celebrate and honour champions of safe and inclusive workplaces.

Over the last few years, the company has conducted considerable research on the implementation of the Sexual Harassment of Women at the Workplace Act also known as the PoSH Act 2013. The findings set out here are based on organizations surveyed as part of an Employee Feedback Assessment conducted at the KelpHR PoSH Awards® 2022. 98% of the participants from the assessment are aware of sexual harassment at the workplace as a prevalent issue, however, there is a considerable gap between awareness and implementation. The takeaways here are that implementing comprehensive policies, fostering a culture of reporting and accountability, and providing appropriate training to upskill and empower the Internal Committee (IC) can bridge the divide between acknowledging the issue and taking meaningful action.

In a bid to gain insights about whether the policies and practices have truly percolated down to the employee and if they have made them feel safe and respected, KelpHR carried out this survey. The findings indicated that alarmingly, 69% of the victims of sexual harassment chose not to report incidents, signalling the need for a more supportive reporting environment. Moreover, the findings indicate that managers also face sexual harassment (119 out of 409 victims surveyed were managers); so strong leadership can benefit both managers and employees. Additionally, the findings indicate that men face just as much of a threat as women of sexual harassment at the workplace. 2.47% of men and 2.99% of women interviewed in the workplace experienced harassment. These statistics indicate the long road ahead to ensure employee well-being and safety.

For the organisations that were surveyed, the data and findings serve as a call to action to renew their commitment to workplace safety and well-being. The KelpHR PoSH Awards® thus play a vital role in inspiring a positive cultural shift towards fostering safe and respectful workplaces nationwide.

The 4th edition features a distinguished jury, offering valuable insights to create inclusive environments.

This year’s jury includes International commercial and corporate lawyer – Dr DDharaniikota Ssuyodhan; Zainab Patel (She / Her / Hers) – Chief Inclusion & Diversity (Pernod Ricard India); Alok Prasanna Kumar – Co-Founder and Lead (VIDHI Centre for Legal Policy); Vaishali Shintre-Bhagwat – Practising Lawyer & Chevening Scholar; CJ Joveson – Advocate (Bombay High Court); Madhura Dasgupta Sinha (She / Her) – Founder & CEO Aspire for Her, and Tina Vinod (She / Her) – Founder & Chief Consultant (Diversity Simplified). Their collective expertise will ensure that the evaluation process is rigorous, fair, and comprehensive, providing organisations with valuable insights and milestones to build safer, happier, and more inclusive workplaces.

CEO & Co-founder of KelpHR Smita Shetty Kapoor quotes,

“The PoSH Act marked a significant stride towards safer workplaces, but achieving true safety requires a comprehensive transformation. At KelpHR, our determination lies in honouring India’s safest workplaces and fostering a culture of safety, recognising that inclusive workplaces promote diversity, engagement, productivity, innovation, fairness, and compliance. They also play a vital role in attracting and retaining diverse talent while building a positive reputation. As we enter the 4th year of the KelpHR PoSH Awards®, we are thrilled by the potential for transformative workplaces and organizations to emerge. We hope the awards will leave a lasting impact on organizations, propelling them towards safer, happier, inclusive, and more productive workplaces. We extend a warm invitation to all organisations across industries to actively participate.”

Organizations can visit www.kelphrposhawards.com and register for the awards by 1 October 2023. The winners of the KelpHR PoSH Awards® 2023 will be announced on 1 December 2023, and they will be honoured at a prestigious gala award ceremony on 7 December 2023 in Mumbai.

The prestigious past winners of the KelpHR PoSH Awards® include industry giants like DBS Bank Limited, Titan, Uber India, Volvo Group India, Tata Power, and many other names from diverse sectors such as automotive, aviation, consulting, IT, ITES, Pharma, manufacturing, financial services and social service organisations.

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