Cases Of Conjunctivitis Are On The Rise In Delhi

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Delhi: Not only dengue and flu but the cases of eye infections also increase rapidly in the monsoon season. The number of conjunctivitis cases in Delhi, the capital of the country, is increasing rapidly. Every day 8-10 new patients are getting detected with conjunctivitis. Hospitals and private clinics, both government and private, have queues of patients who complain of eye problems. As per the doctor, eye diseases are seen during monsoons, but this time after the floods, the number of infected diseases is increasing in Delhi and eye infection is seen in many people.

According to the doctor, due to heavy rains and floods in Delhi, there was waterlogging in many places. In this way, this time in Delhi there has been a sudden increase in the cases of eye infections and conjunctivitis in addition to dengue during the monsoon.

Dr. Sanjeev Taneja, Senior Ophthalmologist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Delhi said, “Cases of Pink Eye have increased in Delhi. The symptoms include red eyes, watery eyes, eye irritation, watery discharge, light yellow discharge, and headache. In such a situation, it is very important to consult a doctor before using any eye drops. The white part of the eye and the surface of the eyelids are covered with a thin membrane called conjunctiva. If this membrane becomes inflamed or red, it is called conjunctivitis. In monsoons, there is a fear of infection due to viruses, bacteria, and chlamydia. So, a doctor should be consulted immediately in case of eye infection as most of the cases of conjunctivitis are treated with eye drops and antibiotics. Mild steroids are given in severe cases. Infection can be easily prevented if treated on time.”

Dr. Taneja added “People touch their eyes repeatedly due to excessive sweating as there is humidity in monsoon which causes the infection to spread rapidly. It takes 5 to 7 days to heal and requires more caution than treatment. Hence, infected patients are asked to wear black goggles so that others don’t contract the disease.”

How should patients with Conjunctivitis take care?

• Avoid using contact lenses

• Do not share handkerchiefs, or towels with anyone

• Stay away from patients suffering from conjunctivitis

• If someone in your household is suffering from conjunctivitis, wash your hands immediately after helping them

• Avoid swimming dust, chemicals, and strong sunlight

• Opt for black goggles

• Do not go to crowded places

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