Building a More Inclusive & Sustainable India: Budget 2024 Unveils Roadmap for Vikas & Viksit Bharat

Mr. Santanu Agarwal,

By Mr. Santanu Agarwal, Deputy Managing Director, Paisalo Digital Limited 

“The budget presents a vision of prosperity and resilience, reflecting the vision of a Viksit Bharat. It strikes a balance between growth and fiscal responsibility, prioritizing key sectors, green initiatives, and the rural economy. The government’s commitment to sustainable development and financial inclusion is evident through increased capital and operational expenditures across all three sectors.

This optimistic outlook promises inclusive development, environmental sustainability, and economic empowerment for all. Targeted measures for the rural sector, coupled with visionary strategies for financial upliftment and social welfare, underscore India’s dedication to fostering entrepreneurship, ensuring credit access, and developing sound financial regulations.

The budget champions entrepreneurship as a key driver of economic development, paving the way for their active participation and contribution to India’s diverse sectors.”

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