Braveheart Brunch: Celebrating the Rich Culinary History and Courageous Soldiers of the Indian Army

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Braveheart Brunch

Goa, 8th August 2023: Indulge in a culinary masterpiece that pays homage to the brave defenders of our nation, this Independence Day. “The Braveheart Brunch” at DoubleTree by Hilton Goa Panaji is a celebration of the gallantry and courage of the Indian Army. Immerse yourself in the lap of luxury, as the azure skies meet the pristine beaches of Goa, and experience a gastronomic extravaganza like no other from the 13th to 15th of August from 01:00 pm onwards at Comida, the all-day elegant dining outlet overlooking the lush forest with an exclusive discount of 25% for all valor card holder for each table of four.

The Army Supply Core Centre is a vital part of the Indian Army, responsible for ensuring that soldiers receive the necessary supplies and equipment to carry out their duties. In addition to their logistical expertise, they have also preserved the traditional culinary artistry of the Indian Army, showcasing the diverse flavors and cuisines of the different regiments. Their dedication to preserving this rich culinary history is evident in the exceptional compilation of recipes featured in the Braveheart Brunch at DoubleTree by Hilton Goa Panaji.

Curated with utmost care, the Braveheart Brunch is an exquisite compilation of recipes sourced from the archives of the Indian Army’s hallowed past. The Army Supply Core Centre has meticulously preserved traditional culinary artistry, and their dedication shines through in this exceptional tribute. Indulge in a hearty bowl of Ladhaki Thukpa, a noodle soup that will warm your soul, just like the Ladakhi landscape cradles its brave inhabitants. The Kanyakumari Fish Curry, representing the Madras Regiment, is a tribute to the resilience and bravery of the soldiers from the South. The Aloo ke Gutke, showcasing the essence of the hills, is a humble yet flavorful dish from the Garhwal Regiment. And, to satisfy your sweet tooth, the timeless Puran Poli from the Maratha Regiment symbolizes the sweetness of victory and camaraderie.

“We are honored to pay tribute to the brave soldiers of the Indian Army through our Braveheart Brunch. The culinary artistry and dedication of the Army Supply Core Centre in preserving traditional recipes is truly commendable, and we are delighted to showcase their rich legacy through this gastronomic extravaganza curated by our culinary team,” says General Manager, Shiv Bose of DoubleTree by Hilton,Goa, Panaji.

The Braveheart Brunch is a gastronomic extravaganza like no other, featuring an exquisite selection of dishes sourced from the archives of the Indian Army’s hallowed past. Each dish pays homage to the gallantry and valor of the soldiers who risked their lives to protect our nation’s freedom. This event not only offers delicious food but also honors the gallantry and valor of the soldiers who have risked their lives to protect the country.

Discover the rich culinary history of the Indian Army with DoubleTree by Hilton Goa Panaji’s Braveheart Brunch, a grand tribute to the brave defenders of our nation. Let the rich tapestry of flavors, diversity, and legacy of valor etch itself in your memory. As the golden sun kisses the horizon and the waves whisper their timeless tales, embrace the indomitable spirit of our nation’s defenders.

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