BlueSemi recommences Flash bookings for EYVA

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India, March 11, 2023: BlueSemi, India’s leading health techstartup , committed to changing people’s lives through its flagship offering, reopens the second phase of booking for its revolutionary ‘Made in India’ product, EYVA.

Eyva will be available via flash bookings on 11th March, 2023, on their app and website, It has always been difficult for people to monitor their health status and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The habit of leading a sedentary lifestyle has become a rising concern among people, as it is a leading cause of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, etc. Such lifestyle habits have prioritized the importance of understanding one’s health and improving their lifestyle accordingly. Besides, many people with diabetes often complain about the unpleasant experience of getting hurt while measuring blood sugar levels, as checking blood sugar involves a prick & pain. The unavailability of easy to use specific lifestyle gadgets that could measure blood glucose without causing finger prick pain, blood pressure, ECG, HbA1c, etc., became a growing concern.

Eyva is solving this very problem through its revolutionary offering, the world‘s first non-invasive lifestyle gadget that can efficiently measure, monitor our six essential body vitals, and improve overall health and lifestyle. These include blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, oxygen level, average glucose levels (HbA1c) in less than a minute, and blood glucose levels safely and without any prick, blood and pain. Notably, this revolutionary gadget has already completed scans of over 3,50,000+ no prick and no blood vital recordings and has already been shipped and active in 26 out of 28 states in India as a part of its introductory beta launch in 2022. It has been a boon for positively impacting people’s lives and helping them lead a holistic lifestyle.

EYVA stands out for its non-invasive and pain-free technology. It comes with a free mobile application and a mystical world, Anthea Realm that offers a unique and engaging approach to wellness and inspires users to explore and upgrade their lifestyles.

While the app enables users to track their progress with daily, weekly, and monthly trends and track long-term health changes so they can monitor, maintain, or modify their lifestyle, checking your vitals in Anthea Realm is as easy as checking out Instagram or WhatsApp. With just one tap, it gives us detailed insights into how we are doing now, how we were doing earlier, or over time through a virtual world reflecting our inner health. When our vitals are high/low, or out of range, this motivational tool provides valuable insights on improving our vitals by sitting at home or anywhere through proper nutrition, fitness, and other lifestyle changes. It ultimately helps us transformhealth and self-care in a fun and engaging manner.

As a lifestyle gadget, EYVA helps users experiment with their food and lifestyle habits and understand what suits them the best. It adds immense value by assisting users in understanding the impact of the food they consume, their daily workouts/activities/ daily amount of sleep, their mental health, and a lot more in a quantifiable and fun way.

Besides having cutting-edge technology, EYVA boasts a sleek and compact design that perfectly fits into users’ pockets, which they can flaunt anytime, anywhere, inspired by the Mercedes Vision AVTR car and the fictional world in the Avatar movie.

As a family gadget, at least four people can simultaneously use this gadget,  just like Netflix, making it a premium yet cost-effective and practical solution for monitoring the health status of multiple family members.

Sharing his views on the success, Sunil Maddikatla, CEO and Founder of BlueSemi, said, “We are thrilled to have received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and love from our customers during the introductory bookings for EYVA. We eagerly anticipate a similar response and enthusiasm during the upcoming booking window. Our team is unwavering in its commitment to creating a significant impact in people’s lives. We’ve identified and successfully addressed a crucial gap that affects every individual on the planet. Despite being a startup with limited resources, our determination and perseverance enabled us to launch a 100% “Made in India” product, which was undoubtedly a challenging feat. We proudly declare that no other company, regardless of the most significant funding, vast resources, and adept minds, has achieved what we have. As the torchbearers of this groundbreaking technology, not just in India but across the globe, Eyva is enabling people to become better and healthier versions of themselves. We are excited to be at the forefront of this disruptive tech revolution, as our innovative technology EYVA is leading the way towards, unlocking a new frontier in healthcare and wellness. Our ultimate objective is to assist individuals in managing their lives more efficiently and enhancing their health and overall well-being. EYVA is a game-changer in this regard, as it offers users the most effortless, fun, and relaxed means of achieving these goals.”

EYVA, as a sleek gadget, is powered with no prick/blood and no consumables and is non-invasive, offering unlimited scans, insights, and trends to build a healthy lifestyle and care for your family of four. It is priced at an unbeatable INR 16,650.

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