BitBNS Unveils New Identity as BNS

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Delhi, March 21, 2023: BitBNS – one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in India, has rebranded itself as BNS. The revamped brand pledges to offer customers a smooth and user-centric experience. By adopting this new identity, the crypto exchange intends to present a more comprehensive outlook on cryptocurrencies.

As part of the rebranding, BNS recently launched a video campaign to recognize the real-life superheroes – the delivery executives of popular brands – who work tirelessly to deliver food, medicines, and other essential items to people’s doorsteps. This approach was refreshing and relatable, as it highlighted the common man’s struggles and showcased how cryptocurrencies can help simplify their lives. The video is available on BNS’ Youtube channel and is titled – ‘Crypto & Bitcoin Vlog with Delivery Boys. You can check out the video here.

The video series consists of interviews in which delivery executives were quizzed by Team BNS on their understanding of cryptocurrencies and how they can be used in their daily lives. The crypto community seems to be elated at the fact that most of the delivery executives not only had a basic knowledge of cryptocurrencies but also knew about several altcoins. It was also great to see that they were open to learning more about cryptocurrencies and were willing to explore the possibilities of investing in them in the future.

Gaurav Dahake, Founder & CEO of, BitBNS said, “ The primary reason for rebranding BitBNS to BNS is to present a more holistic view on crypto as BNS can stand for multiple things such as blockchain n scalability, bitcoin n stablecoins, blockchain and smart contracts, and so on. It encompasses the entire spectrum of what can be achieved through blockchain, which will help make our lives much simpler. Our aim is to contribute our efforts to drive further adoption around blockchain, thus providing a much broader, holistic, and global view of growing the Web3 ecosystem.”

He added, “This campaign is a small effort to recognize the hard work and effort the delivery executives put in on a daily basis to serve the masses. It highlights the strong future crypto has in India, how it can help simplify lives, and how BNS is contributing to it by making crypto accessible to all.”

The campaign has received a lot of appreciation from viewers, especially from BNS users who are excited to be associated with such a thoughtful and market-leading organization. This positive feedback can be seen in the comments section of the campaign’s YouTube videos, where users have praised BNS for their innovative and relatable approach to introducing cryptocurrencies to the masses.

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