BIG FM announces ‘BIG Antakshari’, celebrates the iconic game show with Annu Kapoor as the host

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BIG FM announces

India 21st July 2023: The game of Antakshari has held a special place for decades now as it represents a joyful escape into the world of music and camaraderie. Bringing back the classic musical game format, BIG FM, one of the leading radio networks in the country presents BIG Antakshari with the iconic host, Annu Kapoor, for the first time on radio. The highly-anticipated show will premiere its first episode on-air on July 21st, Fridays and Saturdays between 8 pm – 9 pm, across 52 stations of the radio network.

Antakshari has remained a beloved game show that has entertained generations of Indians, crossing the boundaries of age, gender and geography. Keeping the engagement quotient high, BIG Antakshari will offer power-packed entertainment to the audiences through the different aspects such as music, nostalgia, film trivia, gamification, active and passive participation and mega prizes. The format of the show will see three dynamic teams – Bank of Baroda Deewane, Bank of Baroda Parwaane and Bank of Baroda Mastaane – who will compete with each other in an epic showdown every week with their talent and passion.

Sunil Kumaran, COO, BIG FM said, “We are thrilled to bring BIG Antakshari to our listeners, fulfilling their demand for this iconic game show. The game is not only immensely enjoyed by people across India but its popularity also extends to the entire Indian sub-continent and with NRIs. Collaborating with the legendary Annu Kapoor has always been an absolute privilege and a testament to our longstanding successful partnership. The game format cuts across age groups and resonates well with the young audiences as well who have often relied on timeless classics while playing. With this show, we reaffirm our commitment to delivering captivating content that provides a complete audio entertainment experience.”

Veteran actor and anchor Annu Kapoor shared, “I am elated to be a part of the iconic show that has united fans over decades. Antakshari has been an incredible journey for me, creating wonderful memories and connecting with fans in a special way. My association with BIG FM goes back a long way as we have worked on some remarkable shows and campaigns together and this is yet another step forward in cementing our association. With engaging content, nostalgic tunes, and the enthusiasm of our listeners, BIG Antakshari promises to be a delightful experience that is sure to bring fans and families together”.

Presented by Bank of Baroda and with LIC of India as an Insurance Partner, BIG Antakshari will see the three selected teams engage in a fierce battle over four rounds. The rounds will start with the normal Akshar Round to the challenging Word Round, followed by the Visual Round and finally the Dhun Round. Beyond the main rounds, BIG Antakshari offers a range of engaging activities, including on-air auditions, ‘Dhun Pakad Ke Toh Dekho’ contests and song mash-up capsules. As part of the show, an interesting concept of ‘Theatre-of-the-mind’, an on-ground and digital engagement for fans and participants where a situation is described and people have to guess the song that is being referred to. Users can also visit to play along and win exciting prizes

BIG Antakshari is in line with the radio network’s music positioning of being their listeners’ BFF or BIG Favourites Forever. With the show, it aims to embrace the timeless appeal of Antakshari as a beloved game enjoyed by all age groups, regardless of age, gender or location, where participants rely on their forever favorites to secure victory, often played alongside family and friends. The show is being extensively promoted across on-air, social media and other digital platforms of the radio network.

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