Better Body Bombay, a personal care brand, expands its Line with launch of its new ‘Clean Beauty Range’

Better Body Bombay,

Mumbai,7th December 2023 Better Body Bombay, a leading personal care brand, proudly introduces its innovative range of clean beauty products, embracing the allure of exotic ingredients to revolutionize skincare regimens. The brand’s diverse collections, including Blood Orange, Aloe & Coconut, Tea Tree & Kaffir Lime, Milk & Forest Honey, Lavender & Chamomile, Onion, Pistachio & Argan Oil, embody a commitment to natural elements for glowing, healthy skin.

Crafted meticulously without parabens and sulfates, Better Body Bombay’s dedication to purity and quality shines through its cruelty-free and sustainable approach. The brand stands firm in its promise of responsible beauty practices, ensuring a guilt-free, luxurious skincare experience.

CEO Sandeep Saxena shared, “Our bbb skincare range harnesses the potency of natural, exotic ingredients while upholding our pledge to clean, sustainable beauty. Better Body Bombay caters to diverse skin needs, prioritizing wonderful experience, effectiveness, and rejuvenation while staying environmentally conscious.”

Driven by a mission to transform beauty regimens, Better Body Bombay invites beauty enthusiasts to embrace a luxurious and eco-friendly skincare journey with its exquisite formulations. The brand’s vision extends beyond mere effectiveness, aiming to revolutionize beauty rituals with an environmentally responsible approach.

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