Bengaluru is #goingplaces with Mokobara. Iconic travel & lifestyle brand opens its first retail store in Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield

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Mokobara. Iconic travel

Bengaluru, 10th June 2023: After spending three years getting ‘super liked’ on Instagram, and selling on multiple e-commerce platforms, Mokobara has launched its first retail store ever. The store opened its doors on the 16th of May, 2023 on the 1st floor of Phoenix Marketcity, Whitefield, Bangalore.

“It’s only been a couple of days, but the response has been extremely positive. Our new store really helps us focus on elevating the customer journey. We want shopping to move from being transactional to an experience that offers real travel insights and expert tips on building the right travel uniform for each customer”, says Apoorv Sharma, Head of Retail at Mokobara.

This launch is only the first of many stores to come for Mokobara. The premium travel and lifestyle brand that was founded in early 2020 is now ready to open up 25 new stores in the next 18 months. Mokobara is also set to open its second retail store in Indiranagar; right in the heart of Bangalore.

With a strong online presence built up in a mere three years, Mokobara is now omnichannel and aims to focus on engaging with its community IRL. In the three years they’ve been around, Mokobara has managed to build a community of like-minded travelers and engage with them online. By opening up our retail stores, Mokobara aims to take the next step and help them interact with their products directly.

“Each Mokobara is thoughtfully designed to breathe magic into your journey in subtle ways. Our retail outlets provide a great opportunity for our community to experience this”, quotes Rumman Rizvi, Head of Brand and Customer Experience at Mokobara.

To celebrate the launch with their community, Mokobara is also running a giveaway wherein the winner stands a chance to win Rs 20K one-way ticket to anywhere!

Since its inception in 2020, the brand has rapidly expanded its product portfolio as well. Best known for their iconic luggage and backpack designs, the brand has championed everything from work bags to wallets to premium travel accessories like packing cubes and neck pillows. With the launch of their new retail outlets, the brand is seizing the opportunity to build an experience around new category launches.

“Our retail outlets will serve as an excellent space to experiment with multiple new category launches. Come September, we’ll be foraying into the handbag category. Curating an experience offline only makes it all the more exciting”, says Sangeet Agrawal, Founder at Mokobara.

Mokobara is a premium travel and lifestyle brand on a mission to elevate the joy of travel for people #goingplaces.

“Everything we do, from our luggage to travel accessories, is designed to capture the excitement of traveling. When it comes to our design philosophy we always say ‘less but better’. We start out with clean, minimal designs and then knit-pick over the smallest details to see how we can breathe magic into it. Everything is functional. That goes without saying. Everything is designed to solve real travel problems”, says Navin Parwal, Co-Founder and CMO at Mokobara.

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